Star Trek: Picard season 3 official trailer reaction

By Kieran Burt.

Star Trek: Picard saw its official trailer unveiled and it teases a more action heavy focus for the series. But it also features more information about Vadic, and teases her motivation, and a quick look at the crew together, once again. 

The trailer opens with Picard and Riker meeting with Seven of Nine on the bridge of the USS Titan-A, the new ship in the season. A new character, most likely from Starfleet, tells Picard that he’ll probably find an inspection boring, that it won’t feature blowing things up, taking fire, or crash landing, intercut with moments of exactly all three of those things happening. While the inspection might be boring, Picard’s upcoming journey certainly won’t be. 

Voiceover alerts the audience that Starfleet fears itself the target of an attack, with footage of the Titan A flying in formation. This cool shot hints that Starfleet will play a big role in the season, and hopefully that there will be a chance to see these ships in action with each other. 

A better look is given to Vadic, the new bad guy and her ship the Shrike, surrounded by terrifying looking aliens, and claiming she will have vengeance against Picard. What for isn’t fully known yet, as Vadic is a new character for the show. It’s likely that she’s in some way connected to Picard’s past, though how and where is unclear. 

Riker strikes a rather sombre tone, telling Picard that this mission is the end for them, and unfortunately, he’s right. The third season of the show is slated to be the last, but Sir Patrick Stewart has previously teased that the door isn’t shut on more stories about the Admiral. 

The last series of shots are very action orientated, with a ship’s engine exploding, gunfights, and Lore commenting that survival is human nature. The call to battlestations can be heard over the radio. All of this promises larger action sequences than previously seen, which are bound to be amazing. 

To end the trailer, Picard shouts the command that will send chills down the spines of many people, “engage!” Seeing the crew back together after so long is extremely exciting, and it’s not much longer that people will have to wait for them to go on more adventures again.

Picard will release on February 16 on Paramount+ in the USA.

Kieran Burt

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