Star Trek and Alien Nation actor Gary Graham dies aged 73

Gary Graham, best known for his appearances in ‘Star Trek: Enterprise and ‘Alien Nation’ has died aged 73, his ex-wife Susan Lavelle announced on Facebook.

He met Lavelle when the pair costarred on the 1980s sci-fi series Alien Nation, where Graham portrayed Detective Matthew Sikes.

In 1994 he appeared in the 1994 superhero series M.A.N.T.I.S., where he played Captain Ken Hetrick.

Graham was best known for his appearance in 12 episodes of the 2001-2005 prequel series ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ as Ambassador Soval.

This wasn’t his first appearance in the Trek universe. 

Graham was Tanis in an episode of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ in 1995 and Ragnar in two projects, ‘Star Trek: Of Gods and Men’ and ‘Star Trek: Renegades’

In 1999, Graham married Becky Hopkins, now Becky Graham, who was at his side when he died. 

She told Fox News that Graham had died from cardiac arrest on Monday in a hospital in Washington.

Graham had a long history of heart issues, but this two-day stay in intensive care came on suddenly. 

Lavelle said that Graham had been “an amazing actor and father” to their daughter Haylee.

Haylee posted on Instagram before his death, and said “My dad is being taken off life support soon…I appreciate everyone reaching out and your sympathies.”

She posted a tribute on Twitter/X after he died “Thank you everyone for your kind condolences and wonderful stories about my incredible dad and talented actor Gary Graham. It’s surreal seeing how far the ripples went, and how much of an impact he had on so many.”

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