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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle gameplay reveal and reaction

During the Xbox Developer Direct on January 19, fans got their first look at the new ‘Indiana Jones’ video game, officially titled ‘Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.’ Machine Games, the developer, known for the modern Wolfenstein, gave an in-depth analysis about what fans can expect from the game, including gameplay.

Arguably, the biggest thing audiences found out is that the game will be predominantly first-person, though there are times such as climbing and in some puzzles when the camera pulls back to the third-person. And this makes nothing but sense. Machine Games are well-versed in making games with a first-person perspective, so expecting them to deviate too much is a bit far.

Furthermore, it helps differentiate the game from other contemporary adventure titles like ‘Uncharted’ and ‘Tomb Raider’, which will no doubt be key points of comparison when the game is released.

Audiences also found out Indiana Jones himself will be voiced by the legendary Troy Baker, who is perhaps best known for his performance as Joel in ‘The Last of Us.’ His impression of Harrison Ford is convincing, though fans will have to wait and see whether this holds up throughout the rest of the game. One thing that Machine Games has swung for is a digital representation of Ford’s face, which for the most part looks quite convincing.

Alongside Baker, Marios Gavrilis will have a role, voicing the Nazi antagonist Emmerich Voss. Horror movie veteran Tony Todd will also have a role to play, as the crook who steals a seemingly insignificant artifact from Marshall College, which draws Indy into a globe-trotting adventure.

This leads nicely to the antagonists and time period. Nazis are back, an Indiana Jones staple, and they’re searching for the Great Circle, which is still unknown at this point. The game is set in 1937, right between ‘Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.’

Other classic Indy icons also make their appearance, such as his famous bullwhip. Players will be able to use it in combat, in climbing, and puzzles, making it clear that Machine Games have thought creatively about what the whip could be used for. Combat allows for the use of different tools, and even giving Nazis the old one-two with Indy’s fists. The trailer also says that multiple approaches are available, such as stealth. This will no doubt add variety to what audiences are doing.

There will be new characters in the game such as Gina Lombardi – voiced by Alessandra Mastronardi – who is an investigative reporter who joins Indy early on in his adventure and helps him uncover the mystery of the Great Circle.

While there is not yet a release date for the game, fans can expect it to come out in 2024, and it will be released on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Game Pass.

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