She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 6 Review

Article by Kieran Burt.

She-Hulk: At Law has dropped its sixth episode, and it was an overall average episode, taking a detour from the courtroom and into a wedding episode. Its justification for this detour is very weak, but gives audiences the most amusing episode so far (which isn’t saying much), and is refreshing. It teases something ominous, but with only three episodes to go this tease is out of place. 

Jen recieves an invite to be a bridesmaid for her highschool friend’s wedding, and attempts to pass it off as a self-contained wedding episode in a brief 4th wall break – which has improved since the previous weeks – but argues that weddings are always a surprise and an inconvenience. While the latter might have some truth to it, the former is not true, because weddings, especially for those in esteemed positions such as bridesmaids, would have been told weeks in advance. This delay from the main plot, along with the weak justification, is likely to annoy those that were excited by the Daredevil tease last week, and have them wait one week longer. 

That being said, the wedding itself proved to be the place of genuine connection for Jen. It turns out her friend, Lulu, doesn’t care for She-Hulk, and requests that just says as Jen.  This is a great move, as since Jen became She-Hulk, that’s mostly what the audience has seen. Jen is used by Lulu to do mundane tasks, for example ironing guys shirts after an intense Mario session. But then Jen meets Josh, someone who doesn’t care for She-Hulk, and the pair hit it off, especially with his smooth opening line. As the wedding goes on, Jen decides to test out the super sobriety power she has acquired, only to find out it doesn’t work as Jen. 

Of course, the wedding doesn’t go off without a hitch. Titiana is invited to the wedding, and demands a rematch with a drunk Jen, who initially refuses and annoys Titiana. This would have been a great way to defeat her, instead of punching her out of the situation. Unfortunately, the conflict resolves itself through the use of force, and Lulu confusingly loves the appearance of She-Hulk at her wedding, which is the opposite of what she wanted. 

There was a legal angle to this episode, with Nikki and Mallory handling a divorce case with a dark but funny twist. Their client is immortal, and any time he has a conflict with someone he fakes his own death. It is quite funny, and Mallory and Nikki have to convince him to face his many wives and settle out of court. If all the cases were presented in a way similar to this, instead of the serious tone that past cases have taken. 

Despite the standalone nature of the episode, there is a tease for what’s to come. Mallory and Nikki discover a darker version of Reddit, where people are posting kill and cancel the She-Hulk, in an obvious and exaggerated imitation of the woke criticisms levied against She-Hulk. These threats signal that a number of people are likely to come after She-Hulk, such as the people from episode three. Following that, a suspicious laboratory analyses Jen’s blood, though it’s currently unclear how they got it. The goons in episode three failed, so hopefully that is explained. With a tease like this at such a late stage in the show, unless the last three episodes pivot heavily towards a typical superhero affair this is likely a tease audiences won’t see any pay off for a while. Both teases should have been moved to an earlier episode. 

Episode six is an improvement over last week’s instalment of She-Hulk, improving on some of the humor and dedicating more time to Jen. The episode doesn’t have a strong justification for derailing the main narrative, but the situation it puts Jen in is somewhat worthwhile. The teases at the end of the episode however feel oddly placed within the show’s structure, hinting at a quick and unnecessary pivot into a more typical Marvel show, which would be a disappointing way to end the series. 

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