Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scaregiver trailer reaction

The first part of Zack Synder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ was a shallow ‘Star Wars’ knock-off, full of setup and nothing else, though the trailer for the next part, titled ‘The Scargiver’ at least promises that the film won’t be boring and will have some slick action, which is what the very least will be entertaining on the surface level. The trailer hints at several things, but most look cool.


It opens up on a fun action sequence, with Kora fighting off goons, and someone with a weapon vaguely close to a blue lightsaber. Audiences have seen the good guys wield a red blade, so it makes sense (in an eye-rolling kind of way) that Snyder completes the colour swap with the colours in ‘Star Wars’ with a blue blade for baddies.

For some reason, the Imperium’s nightmare is Kora and Jimmy fighting together, which the film will likely dump the reason for. Talking of exposition dumps, there is a hint audiences will learn yet more from Kora’s past with the Princess she was supposed to protect, which is not that enticing. The first part of ‘Rebel Moon’ failed to create a compelling world, so learning more in the second isn’t enticing.

Jimmy warns Kora about the Motherworld’s strength and shows there’s another heavy cruiser deploying many ships and soldiers to attack this tiny village. Of course, the heroes will have to train the village to resist, which will at least develop the area as its own place and the people as their own characters, rather than the slideshow locations audiences got in the first film. It also promises to explore the inside of the dreadnought too.

Admiral Atticus Noble is reborn with a sense of purpose, to destroy the village. Simple, and it’s not like he lacks the tools either. Though he’ll probably want Scargiver alive, which will no doubt give everyone the chance to fight back. Kora even gives herself up in the trailer. Jimmy in particular gets involved, and that is exciting, after all, he did little in the first part. There’s some slow-mo in there, (Synder should just trademark it at this point), but otherwise this film is shaping up to have just as stunning visuals as the first.

The action and stunning visuals are enjoyable on their own terms (despite their adherence to slow-mo and, a galaxy far far away), and the plot seems like it will get going this time. Limiting the locations in the film is a much better choice, but with the promise of yet more forced exposition about characters audiences already know too much about, it’s unclear how ‘Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scaregiver’ will ultimately land when it releases on Netflix on April 19.

it’s unclear

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