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Song of NuNu Is A Wholesome Adventure On Runeterra

Song of Nunu is a mystical adventure following two friends. Nunu seeks The Heart of The Blue because he wants to find his mother. Willump, his yeti companion, has unclear motivations but helps nonetheless. Their partnership is more of a focus than whatever the heart might be. They are unintentional heroes who get help along the way.

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Nunu and Willump feel equally important. Instead of Willump being reduced to a mount who occasionally fights, Nunu is vital to helping Willump as well. By getting into small places to find new song stanzas, or using his flute to move obstacles so Willump can progress as well. They also have random races and snowball fights that add levity and realism to a young character. 

The gameplay mainly consists of puzzles, and even some stealth later on, over direct combat. These puzzles aren’t overly complicated though. What can make it difficult is the game only offers control tutorials. Very little information is given and there’s no way to track current objectives. If players stick with it, the environmental clues will be easy enough to pick up on. Sometimes characters will give a hint if they sit idle long enough.

Song of Nunu’s uses music as a core mechanic. Nunu regularly uses his flute to open gates, solve puzzles, and enchant krugs to reach high places. It immerses players into the footsteps of a child who has grown up surrounded by this magic. It would’ve been a nice addition to the final boss fight. Instead Nunu relies heavily on Willump for obvious reasons. 

There’s a lot to enjoy here. Even for players who aren’t fans of puzzle games or League of Legends. The story is full of darkness, yet the world is vibrant and full of humorous characters. It has tension without hopelessness. Song of NuNu is a great pick for adventure game fans.

Dia Tucker

Hello, fellow adventurers! I’m Dia Tucker, dwelling amidst the vibrant cultures and landscapes of the United States. My journey into the mesmerizing universes hidden within video games began in the whimsical days of my childhood. The epic narratives of the "Mass Effect" and "Elder Scrolls" series have always held a special place in my heart, guiding me through countless worlds and experiences. When I’m not crafting tales through words, you’ll find me delving into the boundless realms of MMOs, embarking on quests, and forging memories with companions from every corner of the globe. I invite you to join me as I share stories, insights, and adventures from both the pixelated worlds and the realms I create with words.

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