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Cloudpunk Has A City That Feels Alive Hidden In A Simple Package

Cloudpunk is a voxel style game set in the futuristic city of Nivalis. As Rania players will learn the stories of a diverse range of human, and nonhuman, characters. And more stories can be unlocked as the city is explored. Delivering packages will take players to all levels of society as a conspiracy unfolds in front of them. There will be choices for Rania to make and the player’s answers will shape Nivalis.


Deliveries are more interesting than it might appear. Need to make a rooftop delivery? Just drive straight up, or as far up as the Hovar is allowed. When on foot players will find plenty of interesting NPCs to talk to. Cloudpunk focuses heavily on its story, so not all of these interactions will have the same level of depth. 

There are some customization options though the gameplay itself is simple. Players can upgrade Rania’s apartment and vehicle. Some characters may try to intimidate Rania, but the game has no combat or serious threat. Players will need to buy gas as well as repairs. Other than that, Cloudpunk can be played as a stress free delivery game. 

The most frustrating “con” is the game not allowing players to interact with objects during dialogue. If players reach the destination before unskippable dialogue finishes they can expect to hover mid-air. Only a parking spot allows players to get out of the car to complete the delivery. So these moments feel as though they’re stretched out unnecessarily. 

Cloudpunk has a story that mostly keeps players invested. It’s great for players looking for a more laid back cyberpunk experience. Though Rania finds herself working for an illicit company, it’s surprisingly easy to get around the police as well. Driving is relatively stress free depending on how quickly players pick up the controls. Despite being heavily stylized, there are still richly detailed locations waiting to be discovered.

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