Halo Season 2 Episode 2 Summary

Written by: Frank Reed

Halo season 2 episode 2 picks up where episode 1 left off with Master chief questioning
himself about something not feeling right and something missing as Cortana was
removed from him 6 months prior.

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The episode next shifts to a peasant with a tracker
stealing a meal to eat while the tracker catches her. She manages to put up quite a
fight, removes the tracker and firmly plants it in the trackers skull and takes him out of
the picture. Next we cut to a gym scene with USNC troops whom are sharing some
comradery and dialogue. This is a very high dialogue content episode with not nearly as
much action as episode 1. Next we go to Master chief having dinner with Antonio and
family. They talk of the battle that occurred in episode one with the Covenant Elites.
Ramirez goes over the fight with the Covenant from her point of view in which she feels
she should not have survived but somehow did due to the protection provided by master
chief. There is quite a bit of self reflection in this episode by Master chief as well as
other characters reminiscing of time past. In the scenes to come Cortana predicts with a

97% probability that the Covenants attack on Reach will have a negative outcome for
everyone involved. Master chief is dispatched to Reach to investigate activity and
discovers Cobalt team is there. The Spartans all gear up and get ready to battle the
Covenant as the USNC troops make contact with the Covenant on Reach. With no
elusion as to how Makee is still alive she commands and Elite to open a door on reach
in which she discovers one of the Halo Keystones. In closing this is not the most action
packed episode of the Halo series but it does have a lot of crucial and key moments you
dont want to miss! There is a lot to be said about Makee being alive. A lot to still be
learned about Cobalt team and one heck of a battle set to unfold on Reach. We still
have a lot to learn of Master chiefs exact state since Cortana has been separated from
him as their relationship was very close.

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