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Shortly after Amazon Prime Video released pictures for their upcoming adaptation of ‘Fallout’, a teaser trailer for the show was released, showing audiences what they can expect in the brutal apocalypse that is the Wasteland.

The trailer opens within Vault 33, and Lucy leaves the Vault for what she hopes will be a better life in the outside world. She’s called on to stop, and frankly, who can blame those around her? Sure, Vault-Tec often runs secret experiments on their inhabitants (and it will be intriguing to see what Vault 33’s will be), but it seems to be cushier than the outside. But Lucy desperately wants to go home and is just realizing how brutal the outside world truly is.

It seems like the show will be following three perspectives throughout, the idealistic but naive Vault Dweller Lucy (Ella Purnell), the hardened Ghoul bounty hunter (Walter Goggins), and the patriotic and capable military man, Maximus (Aaron Moten). This does have the makings of an interesting story, especially when it’s backed up by the immense lore that ‘Fallout’ has to offer.

Hopefully, the show won’t devolve into a story of the bounty hunter transporting the young and inexperienced young kid across the dangerous land for any reason, because there are enough of those stories out there by now, and ‘Fallout’ has a lot more to offer than that basic premise. The Brotherhood of Steel, while often morally grey and militaristic, shouldn’t be the overall antagonist, because that feels too obvious. The mysterious Enclave would make for a much better villain.

The Brotherhood of Steel of course has a huge presence in the trailer and likely the show, unsurprising due to their significance to ‘Fallout’ lore. Power Armor, Vertibirds, and big freaking guns are painstakingly recreated, though they do look a little cheap compared to the stunning sandblasted looks of the waste. This could just be an issue with the trailer’s quality.

A few ‘Fallout’ icons make their way to the big screen. Radroaches, humongous cockroaches, a Mister Handy Robot flying about, and no doubt there will be gruesome monsters just itching to chew on anyone that walks past. There are a couple of disgusting creatures shown off in the trailer, but they appear to be new.

Midway through, audiences can see a cute dog holding a severed hand in its mouth. It looks like the same type of dog as Dogmeat in ‘Fallout 4’, though it won’t be the same loyal companion because this series is canon to the events of the ‘Fallout’ world. It’s a great and fuzzy way to trigger feelings of nostalgia for gamers, however.

At the end of the trailer, audiences can see the nuclear attack that turned the world into an irradiated hellscape. That will likely open the show, showing the devastation that mankind has wrought upon itself. It’ll set a rather bleak tone, but one that must be done for the show.

The trailer doesn’t give an indication of the plot, but it sets the tone and introduces audiences to the violent nature of the ‘Fallout’ world that some people are intensely familiar with.

‘Fallout’ will be released on Prime Video on April 12, 2024.

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