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Rockstar Reveals New Trailer For Grand Theft Auto 6

After yet another leak on social media Rockstar responded by releasing the much-anticipated GTA VI trailer a day early. It’s brief but shows us the series’ first woman protagonist, named Lucia. The trailer also revealed the setting. Fans will be returning to Vice City, which was introduced in GTA: Vice City and also features in GTA: Vice City Stories. There’s a romantic plotline with modern Bonnie and Clyde overtones. True to the city’s name and fan expectation, there is an overabundance of partying, cars, and guns featured in a minute and thirty seconds.

The Grand Theft Auto series has come a long way from its first game in 1997. What started as a cops and robbers idea, branched out into an open-world sandbox with GTA 3 then introducing multiplayer in GTA 5. No online plans have been revealed for the latest installment though GTA Online is a behemoth in the world of MMOs. The franchise has not been without its controversies but has set many industry standards. Their branching storylines and anti-heroes keep fans returning.

The 25 year franchise teases the release of GTA 6 in 2025. It will be launching on next gen consoles. What’s been shown promises to push those systems to their max. Heading to the state of Leonida, fictionalized Florida, gamers will not only explore the cities and beaches but an Everglades-like area. While GTA 6 has been confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S the same year, PC users will have to wait a little longer.

With fans waiting a decade, the trailer was an unexpectedly meaty gift. The original games included its fictional cities as separate maps. Later games contracted to delve deeper into a singular city, letting players explore surrounding areas. GTA 6 is promising to set another standard for what to look for when a game gets marketed as open world. It will be another two years before fans can see if that promise gets fulfilled, but that hasn’t dulled the hype. 

Love it or hate it, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has won critical acclaim and numerous awards. Most notably with GTA 5 which had three unique protagonists. The eighth game appears to go back to form in that regard. Very few confirmed details have been released so far. The only background we get about Lucia, besides her name, is that she’s recently released and back to her ways. Rockstar is holding information close to their chest after being plagued with leaks throughout development. Fans are nipping at the bit for more.

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