‘Fallout’ Episode 2 Review

Episode two of ‘Fallout’ expands on the world created by the popular video game franchise,
shedding more light on what life is like on the surface.

Continuing her search for her father, Lucy MacLean ventures further afield after leaving the
safety of her vault in episode one. This is where we get to see what life is really like for most
people. There are shanty towns everywhere, made from scraps of wood and metal, old cars and
planes, or semi-derelict buildings. Everything that can be scavenged and put to use is. From the
costumes to the weapons, it all feels worn out and patched up.

It’s an interesting contrast to see Lucy amongst this, wearing her blue Vault Tec jumpsuit and
having no clue how dangerous life is here. People ignore her and her good manners count for
nothing. It’s laughable thinking back to episode one where her father reminded her fellow Vault
Dwellers that they would soon be able to return to the surface and begin rebuilding society
there. Clearly no such thing is going to happen anytime soon.

One of the most intriguing characters is Dr. Siggi Wilzig, an enigmatic scientist who was working
on some secret experiments before he went AWOL from his lab. He seemed to be doing tests
on dogs, and he knows a lot about the Vault Dwellers and about Lucy, though there’s no
evidence that they have any connection to each other.

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Once again, Maximus proves to have the weakest storyline. There’s something missing from his
character. It’s hard to say what exactly, but he certainly lacks a clear motivation for what he’s
doing. He believes in the Brotherhood of Steel’s mission to tame the wastelands, but is also
capable of selfish acts. In this episode he lets Knight Titus die after he’s attacked by a mutated
bear, stealing his armor so he can go on alone to find Wilzig, hoping to claim the glory for
himself, which seems contrary to his belief that only honorable people should wear the armor.

Fortunately, we get to see a lot more of the Ghoul in action, as he performs a shootout in the
middle of the street in a very western-inspired sequence. He’s the most charismatic of the main
cast and there’s so much to like about him, even though he’s technically the antagonist, he’s
cool and interesting enough to make you root for him.

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The episode mixes gore and humor well, such as when Wilzig has a cybernetic foot
transplanted from a box labeled “Jim’s Limbs”. Small details like this are what make the world of
‘Fallout’ feel believable, if hyperreal and stylized. It’s different from what we usually get in these
kinds of settings which makes it feel fresh and original.

There’s a lot still to be unwrapped with the show, not least who exactly Dr. Wilzig is, and what
his importance is that makes both the Brotherhood of Steel and top bounty hunters like the
Ghoul so eager to get their hands on him. Only time will tell.

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