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Dune: Imperium Is A Widely Popular Digital Take On A Classic Boardgame

Dune: Imperium is a digital version of a classic tabletop game. Players get to choose from eight different leaders as they fight to control the spice. Cards will determine what can be done each round, so going on the offensive every time might not work out. There are multiplayer and solo modes. Solo mode has mostly fair challenges to overcome, for those uninterested in playing against other players.  This is a complex deck-building strategy game that can be enjoyed on PC, console, and mobile.


Play carefully and you can even turn a bad game around and snatch victory in the end. However, the game won’t punish more aggressive players too much. A single game could potentially be completed quickly; depending on how quickly a player picks up on the mechanics.  The gameplay consists of gaining influence among different factions, the earlier the better, while placing workers and troops. Each move will require Solari or water to complete. This resource management can feel overwhelming if enough attention isn’t given to building, etc. 

Players will need to maximize use of their agents to get the most resources. This can be a lot to keep track of on the first playthrough. The UI is crowded nearly all the time. It might take a few games to feel comfortable enough to challenge other players. Though players who have been playing deck builders for a longer time, may find that it’s a simplistic design that works well. Depending on other choices throughout each match, victory can be achieved with one victory point. Don’t stress too much if the rules just seem to pile up.

The art for each card shows detailed scenes and portraits. It can appeal to both long-time fans of the Dune series and fans of the films. The commander cards for Paul, Duke Leto, the Barron, and other cards are based on actors in Dune Part One and Two. While this added a level of immersion, personally, anyone who’s unfamiliar with either source can still enjoy incredible artwork. 

Dune: Imperium is great for those who want a challenging strategy game while still moving quickly from game to game. Or those who simply don’t have the time for hour(s) long matches. Players could encounter some glitches, but regardless of platform they can probably be fixed with reloading. With accessible gameplay and varied outcomes there aren’t a lot of cons. This might not be the game for players who prefer longer campaigns. Dune: Imperium could also surprise you.

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