The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 13 review

Admiral Rampart and the Bad Batch are forced to team up in season 3 episode 13 of ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ as they attempt to find the coordinates to Mount Tantiss. Inside the base, Omega bonds with the force-sensitive children and searches for a way out. This episode was a brilliant entry, with tense moments, and sends the season hurtling to an action-packed final two episodes.

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Echo finally reenters the picture for these final episodes, bringing an Imperial shuttle to Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Rampart all to sneak about an Imperial space station that beams the coordinates to a ship departing for Tantiss. The setup is suitably tense, and there’s a brilliantly funny exchange between Rampart and Echo as they argue over the rank of the uniform Echo has stolen.

The Bad Batch is forced to remove the iconic paint on their armour, replacing it with a generic black to blend in with the Empire. It’s a huge moment, as not only did the clones’ paint scheme on their amour signal their unit but their individuality, and the Bad Batch was the most individual of all the clones.

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As soon as Rampart put on the Imperial uniform again there was an immediate and noticeable pomp and swagger restoration, crushing down on anyone he could. This culminates in a particularly hilarious moment when Rampart cites exact Imperial legislation some TK troopers risk falling foul of if they don’t follow his orders, obviously making it all but certain they do as Rampart isn’t issuing official orders anymore.

Echo finds out that the coordinates to Tantiss don’t get beamed to a ship until the moment they’re about to jump to hyperspace. This promotes the Bad Batch to change their plans, to attach their shuttle to a science vessel bound for Tantiss while Echo shuts off the proximity sensors. Rampart is annoyed that this plan he agreed to help with, but the Batch reminds him that he’s not in a bargaining position.

This leads to the tensest point of the episode, where Echo only manages to disable the proximity sensors for Hunter to attach. But they do, and jump to Tantiss. This is one-half of the thrust for the next episode, alone and without support.

Seeing the Imperial space station back from episode 10 was great, and it was a concept originating in ‘Star Wars’ Legends but brought back in canon. The spacescape looks brilliant, awash with Venators but other vessels like the science vessel, of which the sound effects make it sound distinct. It’s a show that ‘Star Wars’ ship design still has plenty of places to go.

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Jumping to Omega’s half of the episode, she’s trapped in Tantiss, but it’s clear she doesn’t want to stay there. She quickly galvanises the children there to escape, true to her character. She’s been trained by the Bad Batch after all, and she has already escaped Tantiss. She even has the characteristic of making plans on the fly, which is what she’ll have to do to escape. There is a bit of tension with the scientists watching, but it mainly comes down to Omega understanding her surroundings and getting out.

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It also shows Omega’s compassionate side, as she encourages the kids not to lose hope. It’s a sweet moment, and continually proves Omega to be a caring and nurturing person, the reminder of the good that existed before the Empire took it all away. Omega’s escape will likely begin in the next episode, putting Tantiss into chaos just as the Bad Batch attacks. This is the second burst of thrust for the next episode.

Episode 13 of ‘The Bad Batch’ balances tense and bleak parts with more hopeful and humorous parts, making for a great episode. Rampart is a joy to watch with all his self-importance, taking this to the logical conclusion of trying to order the Bad Batch with predictable but funny consequences. It creates a huge amount of forward energy for the final two episodes, with the Batch and Omega starting their final offensive to reunite with each other.

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