Chainsaw Man Film In The Works

Good news for anime fans: A Chainsaw Man movie is currently in development in replacement of a second
season as of now, and will be titled Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc. It was announced in late December at
Jump Festa 2040 in Tokyo, giving the fans of the show something to look forward to later this year. The anime
sparked excitement when it first released in Japan in October of 2022 following the release of the extremely popular
manga in 2018. There is no known release date as of yet, though it’s clear that Japan will get the first release of the
upcoming film, whereas the US, UK, and other regions around the world will have to wait approximately four to fix
months post-Japan release.

What is known about the film is that it will follow the story of Denji and his little devil Pochita, adapting the
next set of chapters from the original manga starting at chapter thirty-nine. Bomb-Girl, also known as Reze, will
have an arc in this standalone movie, and the hybrid devil’s focus in the film makes sense due to the wiping out of
several characters in the first season. What we know about Reze is that not only is she a bomb-devil, but she was
trained in a military school from a young age, and she was sent on a mission by the Soviet Union to steal the heart of
Denji. She expresses interest in him at the end, but her true intentions aren’t revealed in the show just yet. With the
information we have about her and the build-up, it’s only certain that the movie will be more intense than season one
of the show.

The film will be produced by studio MAPPA, which released a short teaser revealing very minimal information
about the film. Other than the film title and the hint the film will follow season one, there has not been any more
information regarding the release of the film. While it’s still possible for a Chainsaw Man season two, it has yet to
be announced and no one is sure when it would be released since the film is a highly anticipated work in progress.
Be sure to follow MAPPA’s YouTube channel for updates on a new trailer or any additional updates.

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