Avatar: The way of Water Trailer 3 Reaction

By Kieran Burt.

Avatar: The Way of Water has released a surprising third trailer, and it teases out some more of the film’s plot, but still doesn’t give a sense of what the film is about. James Cameron is focused on selling Avatar on name alone, which is a bold choice. 

The opening expands a bit more on Metkayina and the Na’vi’s first meeting, with Jake Sully simply saying that he wants to keep his family safe. It seems that the RDA are back with a vengeance against him, to attack both him and Pandora.

The forest fires from the second trailer might happen early in the film, with the RDA attempting to kill Jake and his family, prompting him to flee. The film might start with the origins of

We get a great look at the newer, sleeker, RDA exo-suits, which will no doubt play a huge part in protecting whatever nefarious operations the group has on the planet. Later on in the trailer, we get a great look at their naval headquarters, with a ship coming out of their docks. 

Behind, some infrastructure can be seen, with cranes building. Perhaps this is a more permanent colony this time, or that is the RDA hope. No doubt the Na’vi and the Metkayina will join forces to attack the base. 

Going back to earlier in the trailer, the Metkayina chief orders the Na’vi to learn their ways, as of course when they arrive they are all fish out of water. This means training to connect with the local wildlife, and most importantly holding their breath, something that gets them mocked, as one of the Metkayina, Aonung, tells the “forest boy” to keep up. It puts the whole of the Na’vi in the position Jake was in for the first film, having to master a completely new environment. 

Around the trailer’s midpoint is where the trailer kicks back and shows us some beautiful visuals, and this can only look even better in cinemas. Avatar set the bar high in terms of amazing views, this one has to surpass it. 

There is a repeated bit from the second trailer, with Lo’ak and Tsireya confessing their love for each other, and shows a quick bit of tension between the Na’vi and the Metkayina.

Some quick shots play, the one of most interesting the RDA burning the home of what looks to be the Metkayina, they’re on the beach, so at some point it’s likely the RDA will invade the Metkayina’s home, bringing them into the fight. 

More shots flash by, and there is one of Jake facing off against a huge whale/shark creature, no doubt the hardest creature to connect to in the ocean, just like the Great Leonopteryx is for the sky. The final shot teases the showdown between the RDA, Na’vi and the Metkayina, what a visual feast that will be.

This trailer gives a small bit of the plot away, but it’s clear James Cameron is holding the main beats of the film close to his chest. We’ll have to wait and see what he has in store for us when Avatar: The Way of Water comes out in cinemas on December 16.

Kieran Burt

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