Avatar 2 Trailer Reaction

By Kieran Burt.

The second trailer for Avatar 2 has arrived in visual glory, and although it doesn’t show a lot of new story elements it shows that this film will no doubt be the best looking of the year. 

The trailer opens with the new species, the aquatic Metkayina, in the water, showcasing other creatures that are alien enough but are still anchored in reality.  

The best looking creature so far is one that appears about a minute in, with one of the aliens riding what looks like a swordfish but with wings, fast and mean looking. The Metkayina are hinted at later in the trailer, with their chief Tonowari stating they cannot let the Na’vi bring their war to their home. 

What war is something the trailer doesn’t give any clues for, but it seems the RDA (Resources Development Administration) will be back, shifting their focus to naval operations. Though a shot does show them burning a forest, so they’re still up to their old tricks. 

Some new mechs can be seen in the trailer, a thinner, more streamlined one, and a crab mech for underwater use. They have also expanded into operating a proper navy, with ships. 

A returning character will be Stephen Lang’s Quaritch, in a new Na’vi body, as a Recombinant, which we see crushing what looks to be human skull in anger. No doubt the film will have much the same anti-colonialist themes as the first one. 

A personal narrative is teased, with some time devoted to flashbacks of Jake and Neytiri’s pregnancy, as well as present day looks at their children. Kiri explains that she hears someone’s heartbeat, but doesn’t say who she’s hearing, which might be a key part of the film. 

Another personal narrative is a love story between the Na’vi Lo’ak, and the Metkayina Tsireya, with it following a similar path to the original film, that it will be initially a story of rejection and then acceptance. This seems to be playing out in the trailer, with Lo’ak saying that he’s seen as an outcast, but Tsireya saying that she only sees him, for him. 

These are merely moments in the trailer, with the vast majority of it showing how the effects industry has come a long way in developing realistic visuals, especially with water. But the lack of plot information and dialogue means it’s hard to get excited for the film, with story details so scant.

Kieran Burt

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