Star Wars: The High Republic novel released

By Kieran Burt.

Star Wars: The High Republic is a multimedia, multiphase publishing initiative, and on November 22 a new adult book released titled Star Wars: Convergence written by Zoraida Córdova.  

The story is set decades before Light of the Jedi, the first High Republic novel, is about a dispute between two planets, Eiram and E’ronoh. They have been in conflict with each other for half a decade, and an assassination attempt threatens a peace process

Jedi Knight Gella Nattai volunteers to investigate, while one of the Republic Chancellors, Kyong, appoints her son Axel Greylark, to represent the Republic. The two are initially at odds with each other, with Axel’s distrust of the Jedi and Gella seeing Axel as a puffed-up privileged party boy. 

Convergence is part of Phase II of the publishing initiative, taking place even further into the past than the first phase. It is the fifth piece in this phase, following the release of the Path of Deceit, Marvel’s The High Republic #1, Quest for the Hidden City, and Marvel’s The Blade.

Córdova has previously written books set in the Star Wars universe, writing a short story titled You Owe Me a Ride in the 2017 anthology book From a Certain Point of View, and the 2019 Galaxy’s Edge tie in novel A Crash of Fate.  

Early reviews are mostly praising the book, with achieving a 4.4 out of 5 rating on Good Reads

The book’s conflict will spill out into later novels, with a synopsis of The Battle ofJedha explaining that the galaxy is still reeling from the conflict between Eiram and E’ronoh. 

The likely conclusion to both these titles will be the book Star Wars: Cataclysm, which doesn’t have any information for yet. 

The next Star Wars: The High Republic book will be The Battle of Jedha, published on January 3 2023.

Cataclysm releases April 4 2023. 

Exclusive Official Audiobook Clip via IGN

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