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Another Crab’s Treasure Is An Indie Treasure That Teaches Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover

Another Crab’s Treasure is a comedic souls-like, platformer hybrid. Take control of Krill as he goes on a quest to retrieve his shell from a literal loan shark. Surviving without a shell is difficult for the vulnerable hermit crab, but don’t let that put you off. The combat is tough but never feels unwinnable or soul-crushing. Some of its puns feel forced, but there are plenty of light-hearted moments to keep the player’s spirits up. Throwing a rubber duck to distract enemies while scurrying for a new shell for example.


The game has a depth hidden by its cartoony exterior. Shells have different abilities that can still serve the player even if it doesn’t have great defense. As attacks level up, hits on the shell can be minimized Once Krill finds the grappling hook that can be upgraded to catch bigger and bigger enemies. This does come with a fishing mini game, which some players may not be a big fan of. Bosses and NPCs have great characterization that keeps gameplay from becoming tedious. Even when you’ve lost track of how long you’ve been fighting one boss.

Players who also struggle with platforming may be put off by that element. Another Crab’s Treasure has colorful, distinct areas that are still interesting to run through hours into the game. It also has an interesting way of presenting its environmental message. Characters have a very human reaction to the plastics appearing; they become coveted items and currency, despite its toxic nature. That makes it come off as relatable, as well as a problem that can be solved instead of an inherent evil. That plus a minimal skill tree and an approachable difficulty curve, makes this worth checking out.

Dialogue can feel a little too safe at times. On the other hand, that can also make Another Crab’sTreasure good to introduce younger gamers to the souls-like genre. If you’re looking for an experience that feels like playing through an animated film, this might be right up your alley. It has some technical difficulties and performance issues though. Some problems can be mitigated with the game’s assist mode for players who may be having issues during combat. Completing the game isn’t impossible but if you’re hesitant, waiting for updates may be the better course.

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