A New Anime Movie Making a Debut This Summer

Look Back, a new emotional anime movie created by Studio Durian, is on its way to the public,
releasing first in Japan as of June 28th, 2024 with no official release date for the other regions. Tatsuki
Fujimoto, who also wrote the manga for Chainsaw Man, is also responsible for the creation of this short
web manga that inspired this film. What fans can expect from the movie if they haven’t read the manga is
that it explores various emotions, both good and bad, and how deep-rooted issues can strongly affect


Look Back reveals the struggles of being an artist and is based on two fourth grade artistic
children, Ayumu Fujino and Kyomoto, who both share a passion for manga and want to create their own.
They start off as enemies, for Fujino wants to surpass Kyomoto in artistic skill and story, leading to an
obsession that causes alienation from her friends and family. She begins to lose confidence and feels that
no matter what she does, she can’t seem to reach Kyomoto’s standards, leading to her completely
abandoning her passion. Though Kyomoto is extremely talented, she actually adores Fujino and wants to
help her discover her love for creating manga again, which leads to a friendship full of inspiration and a
beautiful story of growing up.

There is much more to the story than just an ‘enemies-to-friends’ arc, but that should be revealed
when the film releases. For those searching for a good slice-of-life film, this will be the perfect one to
fulfill that need. While the film is set to release in Japan on June 28th, there will be an early release date
at the Annecy Film Festival on Saturday, June 15th.

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