Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Review

Article by Marlene Garza Marlene.Garza16 on FB.

My personal rating for this film is 7 out of 10. I love Thor movies! He is one
of my favorite characters in the MCU besides my big green guy Professor
Hulk. It does have a lot more comedy than the Ragnarök film. Is it a good?
thing or a bad thing? I say both, but I think the director Taika Waititi did go
a bit beyond the imagination for this film on the comedic part, let’s be
honest. I still enjoyed the film very well, but I love all types of comedy.

Now digging into the film, Gorr “god butcher” is played by Christian Bale.
He did an outstanding job on this character! I wish the director would have
shown him way more than just four scenes.

He has to be one of the best
villains I’ve seen so far in the MCU films. He was not only a villain, but he
was human before the procession took over. He had justification for the
reason for killing these gods. I don’t want to get into the religion part of
these gods, so I’ll just end it here on this subject. Let’s continue with Gorr’s
reason…. the love of his daughter!

I don’t want to throw any spoilers, but
the ending made me cry like a kid dropping their ice cream on a hot day. It
was a wow factor on many scenes of this film. I have seen many critics not
enjoying this film because it’s trying to hard or pushing the comedy part, but
come on, its freaking Thor!

On another note, Jane Foster played by Natalie
Portman, portrayal of Lady Thor was fantastic! Her battle with cancer in the
film is a real topic many people can relate to having lost loved ones and
friends in real life. Her persistent not only to find a cure for herself but by
using the hammer of Thor to save innocent people knowing full well that
each time she uses the power of the hammer she is slowly leading to her
death with the cancer.

This movie has a lot of mixed themes and is powerful
additional to the marvel Cinematic universe! One more thing, spoiler alert,
the battle!

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