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What to expect from New York Comic-Con

Article by Kieran Burt.

New York Comic-Con will be starting on October 6, and fans can expect some exciting news to be announced, alongside seeing some amazing guests at the con itself. There will be an array of panels from both Marvel and DC, but also from Lucasfilm, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings. Fans will have lots to see and do across the four days that the con is running. 

There will be several guests coming to the con that fans can get their photo and autograph from. Featured guests include Brendan Fraser, from Doom Patrol and Titans, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox from Back to the Future and Oscar Isaac from The Force Awakens, Moon Knight and Dune. Fans will be able to find them at the event on the various days that it’s running, with a full breakdown of guests, times and places here.    

Marvel of course will have a huge presence at the event, though it will mainly be for comics. On Thursday, fans can expect a panel talking about the upcoming Captain America crossover comic, Captain America: Cold War. Both authors of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty and Captain America: Symbol of Truth authors will be there (Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, and Tochi Onyebuchi respectively). Karama Horne, author of Protectors of Wakanda: A History and Training of the Dora Milaje, will be moderating a discussion about Wakandan world building, discussing Wakanda’s impact across pop culture. 

On October 7, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski will be joined by some as of yet unannounced guests, to diss and hold a Q&A about everything Marvel. The day later, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski will announce the 2023 comics slate for Marvel, and what lies in store of heroes across the multiverse. In that evening, creators from Spider-man No Way Home will be talking about how they brought their version of New York to the big screen. Finally, on October 8, Writer, editor, and podcast host Angélique Roché will lead a discussion about what is next for the woman led titles of Marvel. 

DC is another franchise that will be featuring many panels. On Thursday, fans can expect a panel exploring the DC multiverse and the debut of season three of Pennyworth: The Origins of Batman’s Butler. The next day fans will be able to see a preview for season two of the Batman: The Audio Adventures, and the premiere of the animated film Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons. Fans can expect a lot on Saturday, with a reunion panel for the cast of Smallville, a panel about Superman. On Sunday fans will see a panel on Gotham City and finally a panel discussing both Doom Patrol and Titans with their respective casts present. 

Doctor Who fans will be able to enjoy a panel on October 7, covering the breadth of the villains in the Doctor Who world. Fans will also be able to look forward to a series of anthology essays exploring these villains, from Cybermen, Darleks, Weeping Angels and much more. 

The Lord of the Rings will have two panels at the con, one on October 7, and one on the day later on October 8. The first panel will have cast members from The Rings Of Power in attendance, there to talk about what has happened in the first seven episodes, and hints about the season finale and of course behind-the-scenes stories. The panel on Saturday will be a discussion about the return of The Lord of the Rings, over twenty years since the release of The Fellowship of the Ring. Members from TORn will be there to explore The Rings Of Power series, and give some inside information. 

Two panels will be dedicated to both Star Trek and Star Wars, with both the Star Trek panels taking place on the Saturday and the Star Wars panel taking place on Saturday and Sunday. The Star Trek panels will feature IDW debuting a brand new Star Trek comic series, and behind-the-scenes look at comics based on Lower Decks and the Mirror Universe. The second panel will feature conversations from executives of Star Trek: Picard and the animated Star Trek: Prodigy, with LeVar Burton present as a guest. 

The Star Wars panel on October 8 will focus on the High Republic, with reveals and sneak peeks planned for Phase II of the era. The second panel will feature a discussion about stories from across the Star Wars era, with new announcements for the franchise. 

Finally, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox will join for a Back to the Future reunion on Saturday, and Oscar Isaac will have a spotlight panel on Sunday to talk about his time on some of the films and TV projects that he’s worked on. 

Fans will have no shortage of things to look forward to when New York Comic Con arrives in October, with many of the most popular franchises today all making an appearance to let audiences know what their future holds. Audiences will be in for a treat with all of these panels, and will be able to speak to high-profile actors and get a photo or their autograph.

Kieran Burt

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