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The Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (unfortunately and awkwardly abbreviated to SPUMC), isn’t known for its many hits, but the two films based off Venom are certainly highlights. And, providing audiences a look at the upcoming third film in the Venom trilogy, Sony hopes to finish off the trilogy they started. It’s a bold start, with the trailer sending Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Venom on the run, and teases the idea of the symbiotes finding Earth. 

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The trailer quickly opens with this bombshell revelation, which opens up the possibilities of which of the many symbiotes audiences might see in this final installment. Though the main threat seems to be spiked tentacle monsters, it’s a little disappointing. 

But before the trailer gets to that, it teases what’s likely an early film action setpiece against goons, hinting rather comedically that Venom and Brock have fallen out of sync with eachother with their catchphrase, with Venom not allowing Brock to finish. It’s a funny bit, and one that will likely be revisited multiple times. Another notable aspect to this early fight is that Venom chows down on the guys’ heads, and while bloodless, still pushes that PG-13 rating to a suitable degree. 

Elsewhere, the military have found symbiotes, and are now studying them in their lab. Of course, they want to keep it covered up, which inveitably means capturing and studying Brock, which naturally isn’t something that Brock wants. He’s now a man on the run, evading the military. All of this is done to Space Oddity by David Bowe, an absolutely perfert track considering the extraterrestial nature of this film. 

But at some point, possibly in the early part of the film, Brock (in a dapper suit it must be said) gets to dance with Mrs Chen, who also gets to dance with Venom. It’s a sweet moment considering that Mrs Chen was (understandably) terrified of the symbiote when they first me, but has now grown to like him.  Audiences then get a better look at the symbiote Scorpion thing, though it seems like a generic CGI army minion. 

Turning on the subtitlles will alert audiences that Toxin will be in the film, after having been teased at the end of ‘Venom: Let their be Carnage’. He goads the military into killing Venom, saying while he lives, everything will end, hinting that Venom has an important part to play in how the symbiotes have found Earth.

This is where the trailer hints that Brock and Venom might not make it out alive, which would be a strong and bold way to finish the trilogy with it commits to Venom’s death. Or, it could be a cheap and cynical writing trick, meant to get audiences invested in the potential of Venom’s death, but for it to never be a real possibility. At this stage, it’s hard to know which. 

There is a hilarious clip at the end of the trailer, where Venom inhabits a horse, hinting at the fact that in the comics the character has inhabited so many people and animals. It’s something that the films have’t really touched on, so it’s an appreciated bit of humour here. 

Audiences don’t have long to wait before they see the symbiote invasion of Earth, Toxin, or the possibility of Venom dying, as the film will be released in cinemas on October 25, 2024.

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