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Summer Game Fest 2024 Announcements and Reveals

A head spinning amount of games were crammed into the two hour Summer Game Fest. Everything from alien mice breaking out of jail to Batman Arkham Shadows for Meta3 getting a shiny new story trailer. Many trailers didn’t show off wholly new material, but confirmed some big characters. Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Outlaws for instance. Here is an overview of everything that was revealed at the Summer Game Fest.

  1. Lego Horizon Adventure

In a light-hearted take on the Horizon world, players can take on the journey alone or with friends. Various buildings and decorations can be unlocked to makeover the village of Mother’s Heart and your friends. It promises all of the charm and fun action players have come to expect from a Lego game. It appears to be aimed at gamers who aren’t ready for the complexity of the mainline games.

  1. No More Room in Hell 2

A highly anticipated sequel, No More Room In Hell 2 has announced an early access date. On Halloween eight players will fight for survival on a huge, replayable map with perma-death. The trailer promises hordes of zombies and gore. Players don’t start off together, however. They are spawned at different locations and equipped only with a flashlight. Teams must find each other through the use of proximity chat, but progress is lost with each death.

  1. Cuffbust

This escape room game will have 20 player lobbies who must break out 

  1. Neva

From the creators of Gris, this game follows Alba and a wolf cub bound through a traumatic experience with dark forces. Neva is an action adventure set in a dying world. The gameplay shows fast paced melee combat and even some platforming. Alba and the wolf cub will have to grow together to survive.

  1. Once Human

             Players must work together to survive in a post-apocalyptic world overridden with an alien creature called Stardust. When gathering resources other players will also compete for what you find. On top of the monsters and people, the environment also poses a danger to your sanity and HP. Once Human is set to release on July 9th.

  1. Blum House Games

Blum House is moving into video games by announcing six new indie titles. Fear the Spotlight is first up to release this year but Crisol: Theater of Idols, Grave Seasons, Project C, Sleep Awake, and The Simulation are currently in development. They range from pixel art to modern graphics while covering topics that are just as varied. It’s exciting news for indie game fans.

  1. Slitterhead

An action focused horror game from the creator of Silent Hill. The gameplay also showed off switching between human and animals to get around. Its main focus is the possession of victims both for traveling and combat. Slitterhead is set to launch on November 8th.

  1. Outersloth Indie Game Fund

Outsloth is a fund from the creators of Among US. There are already five studios being helped by this fund. Battle Suit Aces from Trinket Studio, Project Dosa from Outerloop Studio, Mars First Logistics from Shape Shop, Mossfield Archives from Studio Any Precedent, One BTN Bosses from Midnight Munchies, and Rogue Eclipse from Huskrafts. There are also two more games from Visai Games and Strange Scaffold that have yet to be announced. Inner Sloth also officially announced and showed off a trailer for the Among Us t.v show.

  1. Dune Awakening

Dune Awakening’s story has been revealed. The survival MMO will take place in a timeline where Paul was never born and the daughter, Ariste Atreides, lives in his place. This change also sets in motion a new political conflict between House Atreides and Harkonnen. More details will be revealed in another Dune Direct on June 20th.

  1. Phantom Blade Zero

Following Soul, an elite assassin who has been framed for muder by the organization he once served. The awe inspiring trailer showed off weapons players will unlock. As well as the nightmare inducing monsters they’ll have to face as they fight for revenge. The trailer also shows off a cinematic art style in a semi-open world exploration game. No release date has been given though.

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