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Turbo Overkill Pits Players Against An AI Possessed City

Turbo Overkill is a frantic FPS styled after old school shooters. Players will take on a rogue AI that’s taken over Paradise and its citizens. All while staying ahead of competing bounty hunters. Players will get a variety of over-the-top weapons to tear through tough enemies. There’s almost no room to breathe, so keep moving to stay alive.

Apogee Entertainment

There are multiple ways to upgrade Johnny Turbo. Players can buy upgrades using cash earned from kills as well as gaining augments from defeated bosses. This always adds a unique satisfaction to bringing down a particularly hard enemy. Though the game’s selling point is its excess and ridiculous moves, its strongest point is just being fun. The environmental directions might be hard to pick up on at first. Even with a screen full of enemies it’s not too hard to figure out which way is forward.

Turbo Overkill might have one “weakness” and that’s Johnny’s health bar. It adds a challenge to the mayhem. It also helps avoid the feeling of being so overpowered that enemies completely lose their threat level. On the other hand it also leads to the health bar getting melted when previous enemies, in the same stage, were almost an afterthought. The game is dressed up like an over the top action cartoon, but don’t let that lure you into a false sense of security. 

Turbo Overkill is overall a simple game with some hidden complexity. It scratches that nostalgia itch while also introducing just enough modern features; like a pretty impressive skill tree, considering. It’s a gem in this resurgence of a genre affectionately called “boomer shooters”. While the story is standard fare, that takes away none of the enjoyment. Anyone ready to take on wild augmentations like a chainsaw leg while running through stunning set pieces, should take a chance on this game. There’s even more features promised in the future.

Dia Tucker

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