The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 8 review

Apart from a brief interlude in episode two, season three of The Bad Batch has mostly kept the bounty hunting to a minimum. And that’s for the better because the exploration of the rise of the Empire is often far more interesting. Episode eight however brings back the bounty hunting and doesn’t make it any more interesting than usual, full of setup and little else.

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The main focus of the episode sees Hunter and Wrecker being forced to turn to bounty hunters, Fennec Shand in particular, to learn why the Empire is after Omega. And this episode played out very much like an episode out of The Mandalorian, where Fennec and other connections are from. The Bad Batch wants something, but to get it they have to complete a side quest.

Omega and Crosshair are forced to take a back seat in this episode, with Omega helping Crosshair work through his trauma. These are the most compelling scenes, as they let Crosshair admit he’s got some things he has to work through to be mentally prepared. They’re great character moments for him.

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Wrecker and Hunter get the short end of the stick. After visiting a very well-designed and seedy-looking bar, they run into Fennec and ask her for help. She refuses to help unless they help her collect a bounty. It’s great to see Fennec again after season one, as it brings the Bad Batch a chance to confront her for her actions. She doesn’t bring as much energy as season one, however.

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Their alliance is uneasy, but she requests they help her capture a killer for the Haxion Brood, the bounty hunters in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a fun connection. The killer has a unique bug-like design, which means the animators are able to give him chilling movements. The action scene between him, Hunter, Wrecker, and Fennec is a blast to watch. A brief encounter with space crocodiles is also enjoyable, but it’s all too brief.

There’s not much character development for either Hunter or Wrecker, they just go through the motions here. Nothing interesting lore or plot-wise is revealed either, as Fennec doesn’t have the information they want, and promises to circle back to them (and the audience) at a later date. This is a huge letdown. When she leaves, she reveals to a mysterious figure that the clones are looking for the meaning of M-count, likely either Asajj Ventress or Cad Bane.

Overall, this episode was an OK side story in the overall narrative so far and sets up a new figure to enter the scene and likely cause the Bad Batch trouble. There is a fun action beat and some compelling moments between Omega and Crosshair, but otherwise, this episode feels skippable. The lack of a proper resolution is the chief cause of this, along with no lore or development.

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