The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman reveals new sci-fi comic universe

The creator of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead is back with an all-new sci-fi comic series. 

Kirkman’s co-created company, Skybound, has struck a deal with toy-giant Hasbro, and will pen the new comic series titled Void Rivals which launched on June 14.

This will be part of a new shared Energon Universe which includes the Transformers and G.I. Joe.

This endeavour will include a slate of upcoming standalone series, crossovers and miniseries. 

Kirkman will write this shared universe, with artist Lorenzo De Felici with colorist Matheus Lopes and letterer Rus Wooton.

The first issue of Void Rivals had an introduction to this new universe, with a surprise appearance by Transformer Jetfire into the debut issue.

The official synopsis was given to, and reads as follows:

“In ‘Void Rivals,’ war rages around the Sacred Ring, where the last remnants of two worlds have collapsed around a black hole in a never-ending war. However, when pilot Darak and his rival Solila both crash on a desolate planet, these two enemies must find a way to escape together. But are they alone on this strange planet? And what dark forces await that threaten the entire universe?”  

This story will continue later this year with Daniel Warren Johnson’s Transformers comic in October, Joshua Williamson and Tom Reilly’s Duke title in December, and Joshua Williamson and Andrea Milana’s Cobra Commander comic coming January of 2024.

Talking to Space, Kirkman says: “I loved the movie ‘Enemy Mine’ as a child and I purposely didn’t re-watch the movie, so there’s a lot of elements of Lou Gossett Jr.’s alien race that aren’t present, but the concept of two pilots stranded and having to figure out a way to survive was definitely a huge inspiration.”

The artwork of Void Rivals has an old fashioned retro aesthetic to it, something that enhances the storyline.

“Lorenzo is the whole package when it comes to comics,” Kirkman adds. “He’s great at the storytelling. He’s great at character building. He’s great at panel-to-panel and transitions and page turns. But he’s also a great concept artist.”

Jetfire’s cameo appearance in the first issue of Void Rivals is only the beginning of what’s to come.

This appearance will lead into the Transformers comic that will be released this fall.

The first issue of Skybound’s Void Rivals is out now with variant covers by Ethan Young, Matteo Scalera, Karen S. Darboe, Jim Cheung, Jay David Ramos and more.

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