The Super Mario Bros. Movie final trailer reaction

The final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has arrived, just in time for MAR10 day. It’s an action focused tease, showing the importance of not just the platforming titles that the film is named after but the Mario Kart franchise too, with the Kart combat focused action audiences know from the video-games. 

The trailer opens with Luigi in Bower’s dungeon, and introduces us to a rather dark star, calling Luigi “fresh meat” and telling him the only way out is “the sweet release of death”, which even the other inmates are freaked out about. This does confirm though that instead of fridging Peach, Nintendo are going to fridge Luigi. It allows Nintendo to tell their bread and butter kidnap narrative, but avoids the controversy of taking away Peach’s agency yet again. 

Bowser runs through his army, forgetting a key branch of his troops, upsetting them. Maybe in the final film they will be so mistreated by Bower they will rebel. After this, audiences know just how many platforming worlds that will be in the game, and a surprise that Donkey Kong will be teaming up with them. It’s a surprise given the last trailer showed him pummelling Mario. 

This is when the trailer moves into its Mario Kart section, on what is most arguably the well known track of the entire franchise. Rainbow Road. It’s here where the trailer spends most of its time, highlighting the importance the racing sequence will have in the film. It features amazing beats, like Mario getting blown up by a bullet bill, and green shells proving their effectiveness after years of them being one of the hardest items to use in the video-game.

The trailer is chock full of references to the Mario franchise, too many to count. But they look lovingly inserted into the story instead of awkwardly shoved in there. The major one is the Kart combat that many people will know so well but there are smaller things too. There is the question of whether watching the Mario Kart section, and the film in general, will be as fun as playing the video-game, but it looks like it will be. 

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released in cinemas on April 5. 

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