The Mandalorian Season Three Reaction

Article by Kieran Burt.

The Mandalorian season three teaser trailer is finally here after months of waiting, and it didn’t hold anything back. The scale of the series has risen dramatically, with it teasing the main conflicts for the show. 

The audience gets a quick recap of the first two seasons of The Mandalorian, from voiceover by the Armourer. She reminds the audience that Din is no longer a Mandalorian, and must redeem himself in the Mines of Mandalore. Though Mandalore at this stage is quite ruined, and the trailer does show the remains of the capital, Sundari. It’s unclear if anyone is in control of Mandalore, or if it’s just a wasteland. Din can be seen searching in caves, presumably on Mandalore, to find his redemption. 

Though this likely won’t be an easy journey to get there. Din has made himself an enemy in the eyes of Bo Katan, who in this trailer is positioned very much as an antagonist. She demands to know why Din’s cult didn’t help Mandalore in its fight against the Empire, and fractured the Mandalorian people. It appears her tolerance for Din has run out, and she is attempting to call his cult, The Children of the Watch, out as a way to get to him. Hopefully though,this season will address Bo Katan’s past, as she used to be a member of the terrorist group Deathwatch, which is likely related to Din’s cult.  

Bo Katan is attempting to fashion herself as a ruler, with a throne in a palace on a rainy planet. It’s not revealed where this is, it could be Mandalore, but it could be Krownest, as seen in Star Wars: Rebels. The planet has a Mandalorian palace on it, and has poor weather, and would make sense with the story. Krownest is the home of Sabine Wren’s mother, Ursa Wren, who used to be part of Bo Katan’s elite warrior group The Nite Owls. It’s possible Ursa might show up if this is indeed Krownest, or even Sabine herself. Sabine has officially been cast for the Ahsoka series, with Natasha Liu Bordizzo playing her in live-action. A cameo in The Mandalorian would fit perfectly. 

Audiences get another look at Nevarro, and it appears it’s flourishing even more since it was last seen, with Greef Karga wearing even more colourful clothes than before. But it appears there is trouble ahead, with shady aliens skulking around. One of the biggest reveals of the trailer appears to also be on Nevarro, with a group of Mandalorians dropping out of what can only be assumed to be a Mandalorian Gauntlet ship, of which there is a couple shots of in the trailer, to attack Nevarro, for a good purpose or bad it isn’t clear. Going to an earlier shot, Din is surrounded by fellow Mandalorians, which is such a cool shot, but it seems he at least will have some allies. 

The land isn’t the only place that will see huge battles, Din will also be testing out the attack capabilities of his N-1 Starfighter in a space battle against unknown combatants. At the trailer’s midpoint, he can also be seen doing a strafing run on what appears to be a smaller version of the Imperial Eclipse class dreadnought, though it’s yet to be confirmed what it is. It seems like an Imperial ship at any rate This could possibly be a Thrawn tease, but that is probably unlikely. The trailer doesn’t make it clear what planet the ship is on, only that it’s above rocky terrain. It’s possible that this is Mandalore, as Bo Katan has been building a fleet of her own to retake the planet, but to retake it from whom is not known. The Empire is the most likely candidate, with it possibly being the headquarters of Thrawn. 

Looking at the Imperials, there are a couple of shots of Doctor Pershing and the Imperial Comms officer from The Mandalorian season two, walking around presumably a New Republic prison. Moff Gideon will be in the season, though he is absent from the trailer. He will also be in prison, possibly taunting the New Republic who will no doubt be asking if there are more Imperial remnants. It’s likely that this will tie into Thrawn, or perhaps even the First Order, which is something the show could explore. 

Disney is linking The Mandalorian with the sequel era, as the trailer features the debut of Babu Frik (or a member of his species), triumphantly returning. He is busy making something somewhere, perhaps on Kjimi, but all that is known is that the fan favourite character is back! Another possible link to the sequel trilogy is where Din and Grogu fly through a city wide fireworks festival, possibly at Canto Bight. The planet enjoys lavish parties, and gambling, so a magnificent fireworks display on this magnitude would fit their style. Hopefully Din doesn’t get arrested for parking his ship in the wrong place. 

For two minutes, this is such a packed trailer, hinting at the political problems for the throne of Mandalore, the presence of the Empire and New Republic and the hive of scum and villainy, which will leave season three juggling a vast array of storylines. The Mandalorian season three will debut in February 2023 on Disney+

Kieran Burt

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