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Star Trek: Infinite gameplay trailer

On Picard Day (June 16), Star Trek fans got a treat in the form of a gameplay trailer of the upcoming Star Trek strategy game, Star Trek: Infinite, which is created by Paradox Interactive and Nimble Giant Entertainment.

Announced at Summer Games Fest, Star Trek: Infinite’s gameplay trailer showed more of the strategy work players will have to do if they are to conquer the Alpha and Beta quadrants, and different the different galactic powers they hold. Perhaps a future update could add the Gamma quadrant and the Dominion.

Gameplay closely resembles Stellaris, another space strategy game. Players manage a vast amount, not only both colony and military fleets but also their economy, making sure they have enough resources to replace destroyed ships. Just like Stellaris, there will no doubt be high level endgame threats, which the Borg will likely fit into.

Players will be able to scout planets, manage missions, engage in diplomacy with foes rather than relying on pure destruction, but, if that fails, then they’ll be able to eviscerate their foes with their massive fleet. Some of the trailer showed off this combat, as well as ships jumping to warp speed.

While the four main factions were shown off, (United Federation of Planets, Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union, and Klingon Empire), one notable absence was the Borg. They were shown during the cinematic reveal trailer, but are clearly being held back for a surprise.

Each faction has different traits, which hopefully correspond to characteristics they have in Star Trek lore. But the five main factions aren’t all the ones in the game, as The Bolian Democracy, Bajoran Republic and the Betazoids are present, though only as NPCs.

A release window was announced for the game, coming to PC this fall.

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