Spider-Man Noir show in development

By Kieran Burt.

A live-action Spider-Man Noir series is in development at Amazon, Variety reports. 

The as of yet untitled show will follow the older, more grizzled superhero who lived in New York during the 1930s, in the time of the Great Depression. Variety states that the main character will not be Peter Parker, the alter ego of Spider-Man. 

This is the second project that will see Sony and Amazon develop a show together. In November, it was announced that Amazon is developing a Silk: Spider Society TV show with The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang. 

It’s unknown which of the other 900 Marvel characters that Sony controls will appear in the show. 

Spider-Man Noir made his comics debut in 2009, and lives at a time of financial despair that is the Great Depression. He is bitten by a spider that’s hidden inside of a stolen artefact, which causes him to have visions of a spider-god granting him superpowers. 

He has already made his film debut in the 2018 animated film Into the Spider-verse, where he was voiced by Nicolas Cage. His appearance in this Amazon show will mark his first live-action role. 

It’s unclear who will play the character in live-action.  

Sony already has a partnership with Marvel Studios with a rebooted Spider-Man trilogy, and the titular hero is played by Tom Holland. A fourth Spider-Man film is in production.

 They are also making their own Spider-Man universe, and have released three films so far – Venom, its sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and Morbius

A Kraven the Hunter film is scheduled for an October 2023 release and a Madame Webb film will come out in February 2024. Sony is also developing films based around the characters of El Muerto and Hyno-Hustler.  

It’s unknown if this series will be a standalone project, or part of Sony’s universe. 

A release date for the untitled show hasn’t been provided.

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