Rogue Squadron Put On Hold

Article by Kieran Burt.

Rogue Squadron will no longer release in 2023, Variety has confirmed. The Patty Jenkins directed film has been taken off Disney’s release calendar. This news unfortunately isn’t surprising, as Disney had previously taken the film off its production schedule in 2021

The announcement merely confirms what many fans have been fearing for months. Rogue Squadron has been the subject of much speculation ever since 21 November 2021, the day Disney took it off the production schedule, reportedly due to scheduling conflicts with Patty Jenkins. 

The film was originally slated for a 22 December 2023 release. It would have been the first Star Wars film in four years, after the 2019 film The Rise Of Skywalker.  Disney hasn’t announced a replacement release date, which means fans could be waiting much longer until the next Star Wars film.

In May of 2022, Kathleen Kennedy revealed in an interview that Taika Waititi’s untitled Star Wars film will likely be released before Rogue Squadron, though didn’t give anymore details. Even less is known about Taika Watiti’s film than Rogue Squadron, so it’s unlikely this film will be released anytime soon. 

Originally announced at Disney’s Investor day in 2020, Rogue Squadron will follow a group of fighter pilots. A logo was revealed, along with a short teaser of Patty Jenkins talking about what it means to her to direct the film.

Other than this, details are limited, with no plot or casting announced. It’s not known if this film will take inspiration from the Star Wars Legends Rogue Squadron books, or have a completely new story. A twitter post suggested that Patty Jenkins has contacted the author of some of those books, Michael Stackpole, though his overall involvement in Rogue Squadron is unclear.

While it’s a blow for audiences not to be able to see Star Wars back in cinemas again in 2023, there is plenty on the small screen to keep them occupied. The Bad Batch, The Mandalorian, Skelton Crew and Ahsoka are all scheduled to release on Disney+ in 2023, so fans will have a lot to enjoy.

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