Pedro Pascal in talks to play Reed Richards in Marvel’s Fantastic Four

Pedro Pascal is in talks with Marvel Studios to take on the role of Reed Richards, aka Mr Fantastic, in their upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ movie.

Fans have speculated for months which Hollywood star would take on the role, an exercise that has seen other names like Adam Driver and Jake Gyllenhaal crop up.

The latest report comes from Deadline, who state that the talks between the studio and the actor are headed in the right direction, but have yet to be finalized.

Pascal has several projects already lined up, including ‘Gladiator 2’, season two of ‘The Last of Us’ and Zack Cregger’s ‘Weapons’.

Marvel Studios has not commented on the latest round of speculation.

The other members of the team and antagonist remain unknown, with rumours suggesting that Vanessa Kirby will be Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman, and that Javier Bardem could play a version of Galactus.

Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom is also reportedly tipped to enter the MCU, though it’s unclear if it will be in this film or in a different MCU entry.

Marvel Studios hope to shoot the film early next year, with director Matt Shakman currently in pre-production at Pinewood Studios in England.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, will produce.

Pascal has had a recent run of hits in recent years, including being nominated for an Emmy in his role as Joel in the HBO series ‘The Last of US’, nominated for hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’, and acting as Din Djarin in the Disney+ show ‘The Mandalorian’.

‘Fantastic Four’ is currently scheduled to release on May 2, 2025.

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