Paramount announces new Star Trek: Starfleet Academy show

A new Star Trek show has been announced by Paramount titled Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

Production on the show will begin in 2024, with the premiere episode hailing from writer and producer Gaia Violo. 

Alex Kurtzman will be executive producer and co-showrunner alongside Noga Landau.

This project will be aimed at young adults, with the official synopsis saying the show “will introduce us to a young group of cadets who come together to pursue a common dream of hope and optimism.Under the watchful and demanding eyes of their instructors, they  will discover what it takes to become Starfleet officers as they navigate blossoming friendships, explosive rivalries, first loves and a new enemy that threatens both the Academy and the Federation itself.”

An in-universe announcement provided by both Kurtzman and Landau reads “Meanwhile, Kurtzman and Landau said in an in-universe announcement: 

“Admission is now open to Starfleet Academy! Explore the galaxy! Captain your destiny!

“For the first time in over a century, our campus will be re-opened to admit individuals a minimum of 16 Earth years (or species equivalent) who dream of exceeding their physical, mental and spiritual limits, who value friendship, camaraderie, honour and devotion to a cause greater than themselves.

“The coursework will be rigorous, the instructors among the brightest lights in their respective fields, and those accepted will live and study side-by-side with the most diverse population of students ever admitted.

“Today we encourage all who share our dreams, goals and values to join a new generation of visionary cadets as they take their first steps toward creating a bright future for us all. Apply today! Ex Astris, Scientia!”

CBS Studios head David Stapf said  “As we continue to explore more of the ‘Star Trek’ universe, we’re thrilled to bring ‘Star Trek: Starfleet Academy’ to fans around the world as the next chapter in this expanding franchise. 

“Alex Kurtzman and Noga Landau’s vision is a smart and thrilling take that celebrates the core principles of what ‘Star Trek’ has always stood for, but through the eyes of the next generation of Starfleet’s leaders.”
Also recently announced was a season three for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and a season five of Star Trek: Lower Decks, with both featuring ten episodes. Star Trek: Discovery will end with an upcoming season five in 2024.

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