Obi Wan Kenobi: Episode 6 Series Finale Review


Obi Wan Kenobi recently had its series finale ending with many amazing scenes.
Ewan McGregor totally re-embodied the character of Obi Wan! Having last left off in episode 5 with Obi Wan and crew escaping from Reva the third sister and Darth Vader. We continue in the finale opener with Darth Vader in full on pursuit of Obi Wan in space.
Obi wan realizes that the only way to save the people he escaped with would be to leave the ship since Vader is obsessed with Obi Wan thus, he leaves in a small spacecraft towards the planet below.

Vader quickly dispatched his personal shuttle and head down to the planet to confront Obi Wan alone.
This results in some of the most powerful scenes in all of the Star Wars franchise.
A full-on lightsaber battle takes place where obi wan now has his strength back, taking on Vader like a boss. Vader gets the upper hand for a quick minute burying Obi wan underground but then with a full force push Obi Wan escape and takes Darth by surprise heavily damaging his suit and slashing his face mask.
We get a very touching and incredibly acted scene where Hayden Christensen’s voice is projected half James Earl Jones kind the light and dark side of Anakin as his mask is damaged.

Anakin says to Obi wan Vader killed Anakin and Obi Wan realizes his former apprentice and friend has become consumed by the dark side. He leaves the badly damaged Vader on the planet’s surface.
Meanwhile young Luke Skywalker is being hunted by Reva the third sister on Tatooine.
Owen and his Aunt Beru try their best to prevent Reva from getting to the young Luke but fail.
Reva eventually catches up to him in the Dune Sea only to have a conflict within, realizing if she kills Luke she will become just as Vader has apart of her former self flashes to her viewing herself as a youngling in the Jedi temple in Luke’s place.
She returns the boy to his aunt and uncle unharmed. Obi wan arrives and there is a very touching moment where he tells Reva she has redeemed herself and her choices from now on are up to her.

Reva discards her saber, and the episode concludes with Obi Wan returning to
The planet Alderaan to meet Leia and Bail Organa saying one last time goodbye.

Meanwhile Vader has repaired the damage to his suit, and talks with

The emperor (Ian McDiarmid ) via holographic transmission from his castle.

The finales final scene is that of Obi Wan talking with a force ghost of his former master Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) in the Tatooine desert.

Concluding the series which serves as a sort of Episode 3.5 before we enter

A New Hope thus creating an amazing treat for Star Wars fans alike. We very much enjoyed this series and highly recommend viewing it on Disney +

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