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Nintendo’s Direct Shows An Already Packed 2024

Despite having a Direct that was less than thirty minutes, Nintendo still announced a flurry of games. A handful were ports like Grounded, Monster Hunter Stories, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, and Pentiment. There were also some exciting exclusives and a surprise new game in the Endless Ocean series. Here’s what was revealed at Nintendo’s 2024 Direct.

  1. Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist

To start, Binary Haze Interactive announced the sequel to Ender Magnolia: Quietus of the Knights. Players will become Lilac, an “attuner” who can cleanse the miasma overtaking the kingdom. She will gain a plethora of diverse powers as she harnesses the power of her allies. Bloom in the Mist is slated for release later this year. It is a Switch exclusive.

  1. Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure

Arranger is a unique puzzle game where the boards are interconnected. Players will take on the role of Jemna, who is leaving her world of cozy comforts behind. There’s a few innovative features that make this one worth keeping an eye on. As players move Jemma around, they’ll find that the entire row moves as well. Puzzles  will be solved by what’s provided on the board since Arranger has no inventory system.

  1. Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord is a tactical RPG where players must regain their throne. Over sixty allies ranging from humans to angels and a vibrant world that spans five nations awaits. Combat units are fully customizable, so their skills can be balanced to help beat battle objectives effectively and win the fight. Unicorn Overlord will be available on the Switch, Xbox X, and PlayStation 5.

  1. Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed

Rebrushed promises to be a faithful remake of Epic Mickey: Refurbished. Along with updated graphics and improved abilities, Mickey will get a new set of skills. There’s little details about the launch window except that it’s coming this year. We can assume that this will also be a Switch exclusive. 

  1. Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

Vengeance is a re-release of the original game that was exclusive to the Switch. This version will have two new storylines as well as new demons to negotiate with. Players will get to explore new locations and make choices that impact the story. There’s also the option to play through the original campaign for new and returning fans. Vengeance will launch on June 21st.

  1. Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

This collection includes six bonus maps from Battlefront one and two, as well as a bonus hero from Battlefront II. Players will go through the original campaigns. There’s also the Galactic Conquest mode where players will gather troops to stake their claim on the universe. Fans of hero attack will be pleased to hear that it’s been extended to all ground maps. Both heroes and villains will be available to players. The Battlefront Classic Collection will be available on all systems on March 14th.

  1. South Park: Snow Day!

Snow Day is a co-op adventure where up to three players will fight to save South Park from endless winter. And enjoy a well deserved day off from school. Signature characters from the show will help the new kid, the player, using a multitude of weapons and magical attacks. Fans of the show can expect more of the crude jokes and use bodily processes against enemies. Snow day is expected to launch on March 26th.

  1. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble

The third Super Monkey Ball game on the Switch, Banana Rumble will bring exciting new features. There will be a new technique players can use to find shortcuts or race ahead of competitors on two hundred stages. Games can involve four players in local or online multiplayer, but now there’s an option for sixteen players to battle it out at once. This will be available across all game modes. Fans can get their hands Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble on June 25th.

  1. World of Goo 2

World of Goo 2 promises familiar gameplay for fans. There are some new Goo Balls that have explosive, growing and shrinking abilities which will help solve physics based puzzles. These liquid creatures can also be used to create bridges, towers, and change terrain to the player’s benefit. They can even be used to fuel flying machines, leading to many creative ways to progress. World of Goo 2 will be heading to consoles on May 23rd.

  1. Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time

The Girl Who Steals Time is a sequel to Fantasy Life, which appeared on the 3DS. It is a combination of life sim and action RPG. The sequel features two new classes in the farmer and artist. Players will also get to jump up ledges now. There’s no confirmed date, but it may launch this summer.

  1. Another Crab’s Treasure

Players get put in the shoes of a hermit crab on a treasure hunt. He sets out to get his repossessed shell, but finds an ocean kingdom falling apart. Kril will explore the ocean while gaining techniques to battle enemies. Players who like difficult gameplay as well as those new to Soulslikes can enjoy Another Crab’s Treasure. It’s expected to release on April 25th.

  1. Penny’s Big Breakaway

Penny’s Big Breakaway is a fast paced 3D platformer that’s available now. Penny is able to eat treats to gain power ups as it evades Eddie the Emperor’s penguins. Players will be tested on multiple stages and take on a speed running challenge to top the leaderboards. Players will get to tricks they can combine in different ways as they fight to clear their name.

  1. Pepper Grinder

In Pepper Grinder players will flow through a colorful world using precise movements, drill through obstacles, and make amazing leaps. All while solving puzzles and collecting treasures to upgrade Pepper. Players will go on a quest to get back the fortune that was stolen from her in a pirating adventure. Find out why mysterious beings are emerging on March 28th.

  1. Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On

Making its way from Apple Arcade onto the Switch, this solitaire game has more than initially meets the eye. This version adds fully animated 3D races along with two to four player local co-op. Players get to breed their own horses and compete online with others all over the world. Ride On includes new features that allow for strategic gameplay, like building up power to dash ahead. Card game fans can play this now.

  1. Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – Sweep the Board!

Anime and board game fans will be able to enjoy this tie-in on April 26th. Popular landmarks will appear as boards that have a day and night cycle. Players can choose their favorite characters as they complete daytime events to prepare for nighttime combat. There are motion controls and some fights will involve waving the joycons. 

  1. Contra: Operation Galuga

Players will charge through eight new levels with new weapons. These can now have stackable upgrades and Overload abilities. Anyone looking for a higher difficulty can add challenge options. Players can take on Red Falcon alone or with three other people in the game’s story and arcade modes. Operation Caluga releases on March 12th.

  1. Endless Ocean: Luminous 

Endless Ocean: Luminous is an ocean exploration game that will allow up to thirty players in online play. There will be 500 species to discover in the “Veiled Sea” and environments will change on each dive. To top it off, Nintendo is offering a seven-day trial to the Switch’s online service with every purchase of Luminous. Players who love learning about the ocean can get their hands on this game when it launches May 2nd.

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