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IGN x ID@Xbox April Showcase: What Was Announced

In Xbox’s latest showcase, we were treated to a dizzying amount of game trailers. It was hard to keep track as they flashed by. From simple party games to co-op experiences that allow players to potentially create massive lobbies. Indie fans can look forward to three new Jackbox games aimed towards adults, a surprise Contra crossover with Vampire Survivors, a Palworld update that includes four new pals and new weapons, and a new racing game called Stampede Racing Royale which pits 60 players against each other at once. There’s plenty more to choose from for fans of RPGs, rouge-lites, battle royales, narrative games, etc. 

  1. 33 Immortals

In this thirty player co-op action-rouguelike, players will fight as a damned soul against God’s final judgment. Hordes of enemies lie between them and reaching the ascended planes where challenging bosses await. Players get an expansion arsenal and equip relics to become even more powerful. Matchmaking is meant to be fast so players can easily get into raid-like battles. Sign-ups for the closed beta on May 24th are currently open.

  1. All You Need Is Help 

This puzzle game turns players into different shapes. Each map will require different positions to solve. As these block shaped creatures, players will bump and push each other into place. There’s no time pressure to solve each level so everyone can look forward to playing this some time in Fall.

  1. Astor: Blade of the Monolith

As Astor, players will take on waves of enemies in a fast paced RPG. You’ll get a wide variety of attacks, melee and magical combos while collecting legendary weapons on Astor’s quest to reach the monolith; a structure full of incredible power.  Astor will need to become a savior in a world bereft of humans. And discover the truth of their demise.

  1. Commandos: Origins

This reboot of the “Commandos” franchise has players returning to the WW2 frontlines. Here they will discover how the original game’s unit was formed. In a top-down view, players will get to control Jack O’Hara or five other squad members through stealth based missions. There is a closed beta planned for this summer. 

  1. Dungeons of Hinterburg

Players will take on the role of Luisa who is suffering from burnout. She leaves her corporate life to fight monsters in this dungeon crawling, social sim. The latest trailer showed off more of the gameplay. Puzzles, snowboarding, zip lining through forest landscapes, and more can be found on the way to becoming the best monster slayer. 

  1. Fera: The Sundered Tribes

A new open world co-op experience set on a floating island is coming later this year. Monster slaying and colony sim mechanics are blended with aerial exploration. Elected as the village leader, players will need to take down the giants terrorizing everyone and reclaim this post apocalyptic world. Fans of Monster Hunter and Shadow of the Colossus might want to keep an eye on this one.

  1. Hangry

This hack n’ slash RPG sees players crossing the galaxy to discover new life. And hunt it. Take on ingredient inspired enemies, like the pickle gator, to send the best pieces back to the chef of an underworld title. The goal is to become the planet’s best hunter, but be mindful of Hangry’s hunger meter. 

  1. Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

The latest trailer for Lost Records shows an idyllic town as Swann says goodbye to Velvet Cove. There’s some ominous shots towards the end as she jokes about her death. It opens the door for even more questions about what exactly tore the four friends apart. The game will pick up twenty-seven years later, but details on this game are still scarce.

  1. Times & Galaxy

In this point and click adventure, players get put into the shoes of a robotic space journalist. There’s a hundred aliens to meet as an intern out to prove robots can report. The narrative focuses on the stories of everyday life. The gameplay has an almost “choose your own adventure” style as players try to find a scoop. It’s expected to launch some time in June.

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