Halo season 2 trailer reaction

The first season of ‘Halo’ wasn’t a success. It forgot the spirit of the game it was adapting, resulting in an unrecognizable and disappointing show. But Paramount still renewed the show for a season two, and, after being silent for a long time, have unveiled a trailer and a release date, teasing a show that looks like it’s getting in touch with the franchise it’s supposed to be influenced by.

The opening shows a huge twist in proceedings, with an announcement that the Covenant is bearing down upon the gates of what’s likely to be the planet Reach. If this is the case, and a shot later shows Reach being bombarded, then this is a bold swing to adapt one of the most beloved games, ‘Halo: Reach’ into the Silver timeline. It would go a long way to restore confidence in the ‘Halo’ TV show and hopefully do away with what didn’t work.

More atmospheric and orbital sequences look like they will be included, which was an area where the previous season fell short. Covenant warships can be seen ascending in the atmosphere, and the planet (again, likely Reach).is glassed by Covenant warships, leaving flowing lava in the destructive beam’s wake. It’s a feast for the eyes.

Another thing that the trailer captures is just how overwhelmed the humans were in the Human-Covenant War. In the games and books, a key part of the war is that humanity is crippled time and time again by superior Covenant fleets, but humanity kept fighting on, and this trailer captures that desperate fighting spirit to perfection. That need to protect civilians, keep the spark of humanity alive, the creative tactics to overcome difficult odds, it’s all there

Oh, and there’s actually a Halo Ring in the next season, after almost no mention of their existence or importance for the vast majority of season one. Hopefully, this is teasing the inclusion of the Flood, a parasitic alien race that decimated life, prompting the Forerunners to create the seven Halo Rings, aka the Halo Array.

This trailer does revive some hope that the ‘Halo’ series can live up to its namesake and looks like a more accurate representation of what fans love. Audiences don’t have to wait long to find out, as the season starts on February 8th.

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