Gen V episode 6 recap – Inside the mind


After episode five revealed that Cate was secretly working for Dean Shetty all along, episode six picks up right where the last episode left off. Cate is restoring everyone’s memories, which no one is happy about. Emma leaves to be with Sam. Cate starts to have a breakdown and runs off.

Andre says to Marie that he thinks that Cate made Golden Boy kill Brink and then himself. Marie disputes this, saying that it’s the fault of Godolkin University. Marie attempts to defend Cate, but Andre refuses to forgive her. They both hear a cry for help and find Cate on the floor, passed out. Her pulse is speeding up, but Marie slows it down.

In The Woods, Dean Shetty and Doctor Cardosa visit a Supe infected with his virus. The Supe is coughing and seemingly has a cold. When the Supe sees the pair, she tries to use her powers, but they short out, likely due to the virus. Cardosa is happy with himself and reassures Shetty that because the virus binds to Compound V in the Supe’s blood, humans aren’t at risk of getting the virus. Cardosa wants to send his report to Vought, but Shetty wants him to make the virus more deadly.

Andre and the others carry Cate to a sofa as they wonder what to do. Cate wakes up briefly, and disappears, shocking the others. The house they’re in starts breaking away, and they all walk through the woods. The house disappears. Andre begins to walk away, and the others go after him.

The group sees a flashback of how Cate discovered her powers, the day her brother disappeared. Marie correctly guesses that they’re inside Cate’s head. Soldier Boy stumbles upon the group, and apart from revealing what he meant to Cate, he explains that they better figure out why they’re there else they’ll be stuck. He says that Cate’s blood vessels are bursting, and he’s quickly zapped away.

At the movie theater, Emma and Sam reunite. And they have sex. Back in Cate’s head, the four heroes who are stuck run into a wooden cabin with a younger Cate. She’s watching an educational video. The door opens, and Cate’s mom leads in Dean Shetty. She says that Cate can take her gloves off, which she does. Shetty reassures Cate, soothing her. Shetty says that Cate needs help and that she won’t get trapped in a room. Shetty gives Cate some pills to help her quell her power, which Cate has. She hugs Cate.

The camera zooms out, revealing a class at Godolkin. Golden Boy is there and introduces himself to Cate on their first day meeting each other. He turns to the group and speaks to Andre. He says that he misses Andre and that he knows that Andre and Cate had an affair behind his back, getting angry and ready to attack Andre. The others try and use their powers, but find they can’t. They run as Golden Boy approaches, and find themselves near Brink’s office.

Marie chastises Andre until they hear a female Jordan, Brink, and Golden Boy arguing in the office. They enter, and see Golden Boy getting ready to attack Brink. Brink signals to Jordan to get the sleeping mask, which they promptly do, knocking Golden Boy out. He’s taken away. Brink reminds Jordan that being a hero is about sacrifice, and Jordan asks what’s going on. Brink says that Luke is ill and needs help, as he could join the seven. Jordan asks for these treatments but is denied. Brink then asks Jordan to become his TA, and they will protect Brink.

The female Jordan then speaks to the present Jordan, saying that they could have stopped everything if only they didn’t look out for themselves. Female Jordan calls the one in the modern day a coward. In The Woods, the group sees both Golden Boy and Sam being experimented on. Sam wakes up, angry. Shetty asks Cate to put him to sleep, which she does. A quick montage shows she did it to him frequently.

In another flashback, Cate warns Brink that Golden Boy keeps remembering and is becoming more unstable, but gets dismissed by Brink. Shetty comments that she’s doing a wonderful job, and she needs to make the others forget. They all face Marie, Andre, and Jordan.

The three run, and find a door. Marie recognizes it as one from her past and bravely goes through it. When she opens it, she finds the bloodied bathroom with her dead parents in it. Her sister is crying in the corner. Marie tries to calm her, saying that she didn’t mean to, but her sister doesn’t take it. She tells Marie that she’ll never forgive her, and Marie says sorry, and that she didn’t understand her powers.

The camera pans up, with screams of none of this is our fault. Cate appears in her room, and she sees Marie, Jordan, and Andre. Cate says they shouldn’t be there, but they are, and Marie says that she needs to wake up, and tries to reassure her. Cate says she doesn’t want to, causing Andre to rant. He says that he’ll never trust her again and that she has a choice to wake up. This convinces her to wake up, with bloodshot eyes.

The others get up too, though aren’t convinced it’s real. Jordan changes gender and proves it’s real. Emma bursts through with Sam, who immediately attacks Cate. There’s a brief struggle until Emma convinces him to let her go. Marie asks Cate what’s happening in The Woods, but Cate says she doesn’t know, only that Shetty is directing everything. Marie says that she’s the answer, meaning that the group will likely now go after Shetty.

In The Woods, Cardosa apologizes to Shetty. He says he’s made the virus stronger than he intended, and it’s resulted in a dead Supe with blotches on her body. Shetty is shocked and asks Cardosa to make it contagious. The episode cuts to black and leaves audiences on this bombshell.

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