Arcane Season 2 Teaser Trailer Reaction

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for season two of the animated show ‘Arcane’, which is set to stream in November.

Based on League of Legends by Riot Games, the first season released back in 2021 and quickly became one of the highest rated animated shows on the streaming platform, receiving praise for its story, characters, and animation. It followed the conflict between the prosperous overcity of Piltover, and the dark underworld of Zuan.


From what’s shown in the trailer, it looks like the show will pick up shortly after the first season’s ending. The ruling council has been wiped out by Jinx’s attack, and it seems that in their place, Ambessa Medarda, mother of council member Mel Medarda, has taken control. She was an advocate of a more militaristic policy in season one, and it looks like she’s finally getting her way. There is a brief shot of former council member Heimerdinger, though, so he may have an important part to play.

At the end of season one, Silco was killed, which suggests that Jinx is now in charge of the underworld, though she’s still pursuing her long-running feud with her older sister Vi.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn is trying to dismantle Silco’s remaining criminal empire, neutralizing any of his remaining followers, and shutting down production of Shimmer, the violent drug that was a major plot point in season one. How the undercity is fairing without Silco isn’t clear, though.

There’s also the Arcane itself. An ancient magical power that is housed inside blue crystals. In season one, young scientists Jayce and Viktor were able to tap into its power and created Hextech, which ushered in new opportunities for trade and technology, and also for powerful weaponry, which is on display here. Since both of them died in the season one finale, however, the technology might not be as useful without their knowledge.

As this is only a teaser trailer, the details of what will happen this season are naturally scarce, though there are one or two established characters who appear briefly, including Ekko, an undercity freedom fighter, and Sevika, one of Silco’s top sidekicks. There are also some unfamiliar faces who look to be new additions to the cast, and their role in the show is anyone’s guess.

Netflix has confirmed that this season will be the show’s last, in spite of its popularity, and while an exact date hasn’t been set yet, the show will stream some time in November this year.

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