Fallout Episode 6 Review

Episode six of ‘Fallout’ on Prime Video, shows us more of the Ghoul’s backstory and the
increasingly disturbing nature of Vault Tec and its products.

At the end of the last episode, Lucy and Maximus find themselves in a Vault while exploring the
ruined city of Shady Sands, and that’s where the story picks up again. Lucy is glad to finally
return to a familiar environment, but something isn’t quite right. While the appearance of the
Vault is the same as her old home, the residents have weird physical features, such as the
overseer who has a single cyclops eye in the center of his forehead.

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Maximus is amazed by just how clean and comfortable his room in the Vault is, being brought
up the the austere surroundings of the Brotherhood of Steel, and naturally wants to stay and
see what else it offers. Lucy knows something is wrong, though. Many of the residents there are
refugees from the surface, and when they hold a weird ceremony, they unfold a flag bearing
Moldova’s face and worship it.

She decides to investigate, going to the restricted level 12 where she finds the results of
experiments on humans which have created horrific mutants, and there are several young
women still being kept in tanks.

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On the surface, we meet up with the Ghoul who was absent all last episode, though his most
important scenes are as flashbacks to when he was an actor. We get to see more of his
involvement with Vault Tec, as he does infomercials for them, extolling the virtues of Vault life.
His wife is the main driver behind these campaigns. She works for the company and wants to
make sure they get a good spot in the best Vault. But the way she talks makes it sounds like
she expects them all to end up living in one no matter what, rather than it being a worst-case
scenario, hinting that there’s more going on with Vault Tec than she’s telling him.

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This is a great episode, really working to build up the tension as the series nears its end. The
most important aspect being the increased focus on Vault Tec, who seem to be more than just a
company looking to get rich by feeding off peoples’ fear of a nuclear war. With only two
episodes left, let’s hope the series can do justice to the story and wrap it up in a satisfying way.

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