DC San Diego Comic-Con big reveal round up

While James Gunn might have decided to skip attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, it doesn’t mean that DC hasn’t had a successful event. Indeed, two new animated films got announced, and a lot of new comic news. Here is a round-up of the biggest reveals from the event.

The biggest reveal from the event was that there are two animated films in development, one focusing on the Watchmen and another adapting Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Released in the 1980s, both stories have become classic entries into the greatest comic books of all time.

DC will release both films worldwide in 2024, but no official date was announced. The voice actors have yet to be announced.

Panelists at SDCC revealed that the films will be made for a home video release.

This has been the pattern for DC’s past animated features, all of which got a Blu-ray/DVD release first before heading to Max.

Season four of the animated “Harley Quinn” show got a new trailer, as well a July 27 release date on Max.

During the Jim Lee & Friends panel, DC Comics announced they would be making a 30th anniversary special to celebrate the Return of Superman comics event.

This event brought Superman back from the dead.

Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway, and Karl Kesel will write the comic, with Jurgens and Brett Breeding on art.

Variant covers will be done by Brad Walker and Jon Bogdanove.

The anniversary event will focus on Steel, Superboy, the Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman, four characters that took over from Superman while he was “dead”.

No release date has been confirmed yet.

A surprise announcement that no one saw coming was a seven-issue crossover miniseries between the Justice League, Godzilla, and Kong.

DC and Legendary Comics in partnership with Toto International have announced this will indeed be happening, and the comic book is titled Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong.

The synopsis for the series explains that a Justice League mission to arrest the Legion of Doom goes wrong which weakens the walls between their reality and the Monsterverse – the name of the continuity containing films “Godzilla”, “Kong: Skull Island”, and Godzilla vs. Kong”.

This break in reality allowed that universe to start invading the DC universe.

Brian Buccellato and Christian Duce are the creative team for the series, with art by Luis Guerrero.

This miniseries will start in October.

Turning to the villainous Zod, DC Comics has announced that writer Joe Casey and artist Dan McDaid will tell a new story about the life of General Zod.

Starting in 2024, the story will take place on the planet Krypton before Jor and Lara-El detect its destruction.

Krypton at this time is at war, with an invasion threatening the planet.

DC’s synopsis reads:

“General Zod has lost everything—his son, his wife, his empire—to an invading alien armada. Zod uses guerrilla tactics to destroy the invaders while amassing the tools he’ll need to take his revenge on the family that put him in this position in the first place…the house of El.”

Casey and McDaid have a story in Action Comics #1060, which will set up Kneel Before Zod, releasing in December 2023.

Finally, Josie Campbell, writer of the shows “She-Ra and the “Princesses of Power” will be developing a comic book event for Wonder Woman titled Amazons Attack. Vasco Georgiev will provide the artwork.

It will follow the Knight Terrors event and feature several heroes, such as Nubia, Mary Marvel, and Wonder Girl.

The event will tie in with the Tom King and Daniel Sampere run of Wonder Woman.

No artwork has been released for the series yet.

Amazon Attack will hit store shelves on October 24, 2023.

And that’s the biggest announcement for DC at this year’s SDCC!

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