Black Butler Anime Making a Return in 2025

Black Butler is making a return in 2025 following season four that occurred earlier this year. This is
shocking to fans considering the release of season four happened several years after the third season
ended. The upcoming season of this popular anime will be focused around the Emerald Witch arc, and the
trailer has officially been released for the public eye.


For those that aren’t familiar, Black Butler follows the Victorian-era story of a young boy and Watchdog
of the Queen named Ciel Phantomhive who seeks revenge for the murder of his family by making a
contract with a demonic butler. Ciel and his family were attacked by unidentified men on the streets,
leaving the family and their dog dead, and Ciel is held captive by a devil-worshiping cult. This led to him
summoning the demon, Sebastian, who helps him achieve his goals of getting rid of those who tortured
The upcoming arc explores the Emerald Witch who hides in the forest and has been known to put curses
on those who get too close, which leads to mysterious deaths throughout Europe. Without giving too
much information away, this leads to the Queen wanting an investigation on the matter, and Ciel is
determined to look for answers.
While there is no exact release date, we do know it’s expected to come out in 2025. Crunchyroll just
announced this debut as of July 6th, 2024 at the Anime Expo and they will stream it as it airs.

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