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Amiga A500 Mini Launches With 25 Games

This retro console is a fantastic tribute to the classic computer.

It was way back in 1987 when the Amiga A500 was first revealed by Commodore. The computer wasn’t just made for games, but it was pretty evident when it was first released that it was going to be used primarily as a gaming machine by those lucky ones who got their hands on the thing.

It was also a computer that sparked a sort of tribalism in the gaming market: you were either an A500 fan or an Atari ST user. It was the PlayStation / Xbox rivalry of its day.

Skip some 35 years and the Amiga A500 is back, albeit in mini form as a retro gaming console called The A500 Mini.

Below is an excellent review of the A500 Mini by The 8 bit Guy. He goes over the console, the various games included, setup, and much more!

Via The 8BitGuy