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Untitled Skydance New Media Marvel Game

Article by Kieran Burt.

One of the games in development that audiences have known about for a while is the Marvel game developed by Amy Hennig, and it was announced that the game would appear at the Disney and Marvel games showcase, and it got a reveal trailer. It showed a quick cinematic, setting the tone for the experience.  

The 1940s era music, the look at snow covered Paris, and panning across an officer’s desk, means only one thing, that this game will be set in World War Two. Captain America is getting a videogame set in his own time period, fighting his traditional enemy: HYDRA. Their logo can be seen on papers and on the officers hat, hinting at what will hopefully be a significant presence in the game. 

Black Panther will also feature in this game, and it remains to be seen how they justify this, if they even do. The prospect of Black Panther teaming up with Captain America is exciting, especially in Captain America’s time period. Hopefully the game will explore why Wakanda got involved with World War Two. The end of the trailer also hints that there are two worlds, Captain America’s and Black Panther’s. Exploring Wakanda during this time period would be fascinating, how did their technology look at this time.  

Towards the end, the trailer riffs on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with King Captain Soldier Spy. 

It’s not clear if this is intentional, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy forms part of the 1929 song Half-caste Woman, though it’s more widely known as the name of a 1974 spy-thriller novel by John le Carré. It’s unlikely that the game will take any inspiration from the novel, as it is about uncovering a Soviet mole during the 1970s, though it may hint that stealth is a large part of the game. 

There is a lot that isn’t known about this game, chief among them is the game’s title. The trailer also didn’t give any information as to the type of gameplay that it would be, whether this is a purely single player experience or, like Marvel’s Avengers, if there will be a multiplayer aspect to it. The teaser also shows four heroes, Black Panther and Captain America as mentioned, though the other two are unknown. Most likely they will be Bucky and Okoye, but nothing is confirmed. 

The trailer also doesn’t offer a release date or window, nor any information about which consoles it will be on. It will likely be a while before the game is released, so fans will have to wait patiently.

Kieran Burt

My name is Kieran and I am based in the UK. I love writing about all things science fiction and fantasy, particularly Star Wars and Marvel. When I’m not writing or watching anything sci-fi related, you can probably find me exploring the open worlds of alternate lands through my Xbox.