The Legacy of Ant-Man trailer

By Kieran Burt.

The Legacy of Ant-Man is a trailer released by Marvel at the 2022 Brazil Comic-Con, which charts the development of Paul Rudd’s character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It also highlights what is most important to the character, 

Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), narrates the majority of the trailer, with the dialogue coming from the first Ant-Man film. He talks about the importance of second chances, and the fact that Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is a hero for his daughter, who already thinks he’s a hero. 

This underscores Scott Lang’s motivation perfectly, who does all of his superhero work for his daughter. In the trailer for upcoming film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Ant-Man jumps into the Quantum Realm to save his daughter, and no doubt encourages her to become the superhero Stature in the film.

The next few shots show Ant-Man in the airport fight from Captain America: Civil War, where he of course joins Team Cap to fight against Iron Man. He of course takes Captain America’s shield back from Spider-man, and is the first time in the MCU he turns into Giant-man

The trailer then gets into Ant-Man’s role in Avengers: Endgame, where he is instrumental in coming up with the idea of using the Quantum Realm to time travel and to fix The Blip. Tony Stark warned in Endgame when you mess with time it tends to mess back, a possible hint to Kang. But it would be good if Kang referenced the fact that the Avengers used time travel, and if it affected him. Reminding audiences of Endgame’s use of time travel might be a subtle way to set up Quantumania.    

Scott also has some voiceover in the trailer, talking about how lucky he is to become a superhero, not everyone gets a chance to save the world. Scott has made some poor decisions in his life, but he managed to use his experiences and change for the better, someone that his daughter can truly look up to. This lines up with how we see him in the opening of the Quantumania trailer, with Scott wondering how a crook like him became an Avenger. 

There are some shots of Quantumania in this legacy look, but they’re reused shots from the previous trailer. 

The last few seconds of the trailer has some new dialogue from Jonathan Majors’ Kang, who tells Scott that he knows how this is going to end, and that Scott is out of his league. As Kang is a time traveller, he will know the future. This makes an interesting conflict – how will he beat if he already knows the ending?

Scott is completely out of his depth fighting Kang alone, he’s going to get beat here. Kang is likely going to get a win out of this film, setting up his future appearances in the MCU. It will take the combined work of all the Avengers to beat Kang and this won’t happen for a while. 

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania kicks off Phase 5 for Marvel, and will release in cinemas February 17, 2023. 

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