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The Journey of AutUmn Is A Story Of Survival On A Colorful Planet

The Journey of AutUmn is a point-and-click adventure game with charming hand drawn graphics. The player controls an android who has crash landed on an alien world. Its mission is to help an AI who sees the android as just an empty vessel. As the game progresses, the player will see the android develop a personality and desires. They will need to overcome those differences for a successful mission.

Artfactory Jalokivi

The gameplay consists of expected inventory puzzles. This game tends to avoid the pixel hunting aspect that can ruin the experience. As long as players are observant they can avoid missing anything. There’s no overly complex puzzles to stop you from exploring the game’s world. That doesn’t mean “back and forth” gameplay is completely avoided, it just doesn’t become a hindrance.

The Journey of AutUmn does have some creatures for players to interact with. The creature definitely not trapped in a box adds some humor early on. However, the game is a series of route tasks. It never really feels as though there’s a real possibility of failure. On other hand, that allows players to simply enjoy a surreal planet. Even if it’s hard to become invested in either the android or AI’s fate.

Not to sound too cheesy, but this game is definitely focused on the journey. There will be exciting moments. There will be more strange moments and little details which show the care that’s been put in. The Journey of AutUmn is a mostly relaxed experience, aside from some technical issues. The narrative itself doesn’t have much replayability value. It’s the art style that might draw players back in.

Dia Tucker

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