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While The Flash is a movie mired in controversy, the trailer for the film looks amazing. Or, to paraphrase Michael Keaton, it looks absolutely nuts. Keaton got a much bigger focus in the trailer, hinting the film is as much about him as Barry Allen. 

To this effect, it’s him that opens the trailer, relating to Barry and his struggles about losing his parents on the same day. It’s here we get a brief glimpse of Barry’s mum and dad, and Barry’s relationship with them, sweet, loving and innocent. 

Then something to take that away. It’s not entirely clear what yet, but this will surely be revealed in due course. Young Barry goes to call 911, running away, and it’s here audiences see the modern Barry, and wow. The time travel electricity looks amazing, the red and orange effects are stunning. 

Barry realises he broke the universe, when General Zod appears. His appearance in the film was confirmed in the first trailer, but it’s still surprising that he’s back. There is another symbol scene with Supergirl, though thankfully Barry answers it. 

The next few shots show off Batman’s technology, something that Christian Bale and Ben Affleck haven’t been able to do that much. There is an enormous Batplane, the Batcycle (which surely has Bale on it instead), the Batcar. 

His cape is even bulletproof, as Keaton stands, shielding Barry from bullets. He parachutes from the sky, though years of seeing Batman at night makes this daylight drop look wrong, Batman is out of place here.   

Audiences also get a look at the alternate Flash in his suit, crackling with blue electricity. It looks bulkier than the Flash people are familiar with, maybe there is a combat reason for that. But it’s probably just to help audiences differentiate the two, which is understandable. 

The final shots of impact here are of the two Barrys. It’s hard to tell if both of them have a moment where they’re committing an act that causes them immense pain, the difference in the colour palette suggests it. This suggests the film might have trouble juggling the two characters in places, something it must avoid. 

One of them cries to the other that they can’t fix what they’ve done, and of course audiences know this to be true. What Barry does resets the universe for James Gunn, so in a way he never could succeed. This film is both an ending to the current saga and a beginning to the new one, so let’s hope that it gets it right.

Kieran Burt

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