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After a long and troubled development, The Flash has finally got a trailer to prove its existence, and wow, it’s bonkers. There are so many bits that appear in the short two minutes, so let’s dive in. 

The opening few seconds set up the importance of Barry’s mum in the film, with him being questioned about why he stays in this universe. Barry’s mum is crucially important in the Flashpoint crossover event in the comics, which is being adapted for the film. It’s the Flash going back in time to save her that causes all of this madness. 

The next few lines given by Barry highlight the importance of time in this film, with him saying that time relives itself, and that they’re drawn to each other like magnets. The crucial nature of time is showcased later in the trailer with Bruce Wayne (played by returning Batman actor Ben Affleck) warning him about the danger of going into the past to save people. It’s probable Barry ignores this warning, and causes the film to happen.

A likely consequence of messing with time can be seen in the trailer, and that’s with the shocking reveal of another Barry, played by Ezra Miller again. This Flash is the Dark Flash, one of the many villains in the Flashpoint comics. Here he appears as a friend, all sweet and innocent, but this probably won’t stay the case for long. 

Another consequence of going back and messing with time is accidentally bringing General Zod back to life, but instead of Henry Cavill coming to save the day, it’s a different Super, Supergirl. She has been in her own film all the way back in 1984, but it’s great to finally see her on the big screen in modern times. 

Barry despairs as he thinks he created a world with no metahumans, and that he’s completely broken the universe. This will likely be the central point of the film, trying to fix the universe. In some way though, this fails, because it will spawn an altogether different universe for the projects James Gunn wants to happen, so it’s intriguing to see how that’s managed. 

It’s at this point we get another reveal, in the form of Michael Keaton as Batman. He’s wearing the cape and cowl from his 1989 film, and audiences can even see the Batmobile. Although audiences already knew he would be coming back, it’s amazing to see him in action once again and to see the ever iconic phrase “I’m Batman!”

But that might not be all. The next shot shows Batman on his Batcycle, but it doesn’t look like Michael Keaton or Ben Affleck. Could this be Christian Bale? This would make for a mind blowing cameo, and makes sense for the Flashpoint story. The Batcycle is most associated with his iteration of the character after all. We can only hope. 

The end of the trailer features an action scene to introduce the aforementioned Supergirl, and then it cuts to the logo. This film looks like it will be filled to the brim with characters, and there is a high likelihood of cameos, given the possibilities of the multiverse. 
The Flash releases in cinemas on June 15. 

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