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The Elder Scrolls Online Eye of Fate Necrom Prologue Quest

Your quest begins by meeting Leramil the Wise, an elven scholar. She offers you a deal from Hermaeus Mora, the Deadric Prince of Knowledge and Memory. What does this offer entail? Assist Leramil in preserving the realm of Apocrypha as its fate has become entwined with Nirn. 

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you are tasked with entering a vault to acquire the Emerald Glyphic. Leramil, already in possession of two Glphics, insists that you cannot fulfill your end of the bargain without it. You are given three portals to choose from. Hoarvor Pit, a cave full of blood-sucking hoarvors. Rootwater Grove, a bog that conceals a secret library controlled by a cult. And finally, the Ondil Outskirts where plague-infested peasants patrol an ancient Aldmeri ruin.

Once you’ve stepped through one of the portals, you will need to use the Book of Forbidden Secrets to uncover runes. These will then lead you to the vault’s entrance. Each area is swarming with enemies and magical traps. There is some variety in mercenary enemies between each zone, but much of the questline remains the same regardless of this initial choice. As you approach the Emerald Glyphic, you’ll encounter Dralys Athren who is a faithful follower of Hermaeus Mora unlike Leramil. He claims to have defended the Glyphic from the Dusksaber mercenaries and gives you a letter taken from one of the vampire attackers.

He also warns that despite Leramil being a favored mortal, she may be the threat facing both worlds.

After taking the Emerald Glyphic, you’ll need to use the petrified tentacle talisman to return to Leramil. This time a portal covered in rolling eyes and thrashing tentacles awaits. Through it, you’ll be taken to a new zone called Dune. From there, you’ll need to find one of the faithful to guide you to the Shrine of the Golden Eye. 

Unfortunately, but also to no one’s surprise, two potential guides are found murdered. The other only gives a name since they know little about the shrine’s location themselves. Your search brings you back to Dralys. He knows the location of the shrine but warns, once again, that Leramil herself is the threat facing both Apocrypha and Nirn.

It is then Leramil shows up with her own thinly veiled accusations, as well as the revelation that she’s deciphered the letter. It holds a similar riddle to the one Dralys has just given you, but which leads to the shrine? Are they both attempting to lead you astray?

After choosing which entrance to take, you’ll encounter a Dusksabers ambush or mercenaries surprised by your appearance. After fighting through them, you’ll discover Dralys levitating Leramil in a chokehold. He attempts to bring her to his side with the promise of having “powerful patrons”. Of course this doesn’t succeed. Running to save Leramil leads you into a boss fight. 

Dralys will summon tentacles that will strike out, faithful followers, exploding AOEs, and flaming beasts all in an attempt to thwart you. It isn’t difficult to defeat Dralys though and you’ll soon return the glyphics to Leramil. After talking to her, an inky darkness will slowly fill the room. This is where Hermaeus Mora makes his grand appearance.

He hints at who’s behind the plot to destroy his realm. This is also where you enter a contract that, supposedly, forbids him from harming you. Or “force you to act against your own best interests.” Hermaeus Mora tells you if his realm is destroyed, Nirn will unravel. Entering this bargain is the only way to save your world. After using the glyphics and signing the contract, Hermaeus Mora disappears in a flash of light.

Back at the Dune Outskirts, Leramil tells you that the Dusksabers are from the Telvanni Peninsula. This is where she believes the “ambitious mortal” can be found. After gifting you with an unstable Emerald Glyphic Memento for your collection, Leramil leaves you to your own devices. This is where the story ends. For now.

Sources: The free “Eye of Fate” quest

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