The Boys season 4 trailer reaction

‘The Boys’ are back in town! While Homelander and Butcher have both made appearances in the recent ‘The Boys’ spin-off show ‘Gen V’, both will be returning in season four, all about splitting America apart as their rivalry continues.

The trailer shows the main focus of the series will be following the journey of Victoria Neuman, the head-popping Supe who can manipulate blood, as she attempts to get to the rank of Vice-President (though it’s unlikely her ambitions stop there). Indeed, the early shots tease a victory for the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-inspired politician, with a balloon celebration.

Neuman is also in possession of the Supe-killing virus from ‘Gen V’, which means that she has some leverage on the Supe population, well, more than she already does. It will be intriguing to see how this fits into her plans, as well as anything else from ‘Gen V’ that is sure to pop up.

But Neuman isn’t the only problem Hughie, Butcher, and Starlight will have to contend with. Homelander’s court trial is looming, and both Starlight supporters and Homelander supporters are protesting against each other. The heroes have the daunting task of bringing America together again.

The split here mirrors the real-life split in America today, and it’s even more relevant now that Donald Trump is fighting his own legal battles just like Homelander. Starlight watches in horror as the protestors descend into riots, and Homelander gleefully stands back. While this parallel might be unintentional, hopefully, the marketing will lean into this aspect.

‘The Boys’ has always had a political edge to it, excoriating both the left and the right in its social commentary and mockery, but this series will dive deeper into that than ever before. Hopefully, it will be able to maintain its stance of neutrality, especially heading into a real-life election year.

That’s not all. There will be new Supes in the show, including one that has ‘Alien’-like appendages coming out of her mouth as she attacks, and one that can split himself into two. There will be a new Black Noir, as the original was unjustly killed by Homelander at the end of Season 3. A-Train and The Deep make their not-so-triumphant return.

Turning to Butcher, he’s in a complicated place. With only months to live and a worm-like thing in his head, he’s got to act before he dies. To that end, he’s forging new alliances with a mysterious new character.

And, as an ending treat, audiences see Homelander soaked in blood, teasing a brutal massacre. It will be glorious no doubt, just like the rest of the season.

A release date for the season has yet to be announced but due to the intense focus on a U.S. election, the show may air in time for the 2024 election in the fall. Whatever the case, ‘The Boys’ season four will return to Amazon Prime Video in 2024.

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